Teaching activities

The Nanophotonics & Metrology Laboratory (NAM) contributes to a variety of teaching activities at EPFL, including lectures at the undergraduate (Bs) and graduate (Ms and PhD) levels for students in micro- and nano-engineering, electrical engineering and physics. The Material associated with each class is distribute through Moodle (link restricted to EPFL students).

Currently, we contribute the following classes:

Introduction to electrical engineering

This course provides an introduction to electrical engineering. The theoretical material is illustrated with practical examples, exercises and laboratory work. During the course, the student will become familiar with the fundamental elements of linear DC circuits and learn how to analyze electric circuits and use the different apparatuses found in electric and electronic laboratories. The content of the course includes an introduction on physical variables and unit systems; the analysis of DC circuits using different techniques, the electric field and the magnetic field.

Students: Electrical engineering, semester 1 Link to Moodle for this class

Optical engineering

This comprehensive class describes the different facets of modern optics with emphasis on a solid foundation and on practical applications. It includes theory, exercises, and hands-on experiments and covers many different topics, from geometrical optics to diffraction, optical fibers, fluorescence and lasers.

Students: Microengineering and Electrical engineering, semester 5 Link to Moodle for this class

Selected topics in advanced optics

The course presents several topics that are important in modern optics, including optical properties of materials, light scattering (why is the sky blue?), gratings, stratified media, photonic crystals, plasmonics and its applications in biosensing and communication, metamaterials and metasurfaces.

Students: Microengineering, Electrical engineering, Physics, master level Link to Moodle for this class