Digital Vocation, Education and Training (D-VET) Hub

Olivier Christinat / EPFL

The D-VET Hub is funded by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). It is dedicated to perform research on the digitization of vocational education and to transfer the findings to all VET stakeholders. Specifically, its research consists of developing novel models and algorithms that enable highly individualized learning tools with the goal to optimize learning success and to prepare students for lifelong learning. This undertaking requires advances in the fields of machine learning as well as education.

From a machine learning perspective, there is a need for models and algorithms that are able to accurately represent and predict the knowledge and the learning strategies of the students as a basis for individualization.

From an educational perspective, the D-VET Hub is devoted to develop digital learning environments that enable the simultaneous training of content knowledge and professional action skills as well as the promotion of learning competence for lifelong learning.

The current research projects can be divided into four large
research strands: 1) Transfer and Explainability, 2) Feature Representation, 3) Inquiry and Problem Solving Skills, and 4) Self-Regulated Learning.

The D-VET Hub is led by Prof. Tanja Käser.