Benefits and challenges regarding SLB

SBL is an immersive training environment where learners meet realistic work challenges and get realistic feedback as they progress, since everything that happens reflects the learner’s choices.

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught

Some benefits of SBL:

  • SBL provides opportunity to “fail forward”: SBL environments provide a safe place to try, fail and build vocational action competencies
  • SBL environments are highly engaging: the guided exploration can be enriched with micro-learning and gamification elements and all the learners are active at the same time
  • SBL facilitates problem solving in real world scenarios: SBL environments can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and action competence by giving learners the opportunity apply what they have learnt

Digital training environments allow teachers to leverage this approach ideally and to implement the claim for labor market oriented education depicted in the mission  statement 2030 of the Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Some challenges regarding SBL:

  • Loss of security for students because of less guidance: In comparison to  front-of-class teaching, the learner takes over more responsibility for the learning session.
  • Misconceptions might go unnoticed: In comparison to front-of-class teaching, the teacher has a less immediate feedback about learner’s approach to solve the task
  • Selective choice of content: Learners might focus on the aspects of the scenario they have already mastered and neglect to develop their weaknesses

In order to mitigate these potential weaknesses of the approach, we specifically plan to analyze the apprentices’ interaction logs using data mining methods to better understand individual learning behavior in digital SBL environments. This could eventually promote personalized learning experiences and help more apprentices to attain the intended learning outcomes. This is crucial in order to provide learning experiences that are not only fun but also pedagogically meaningful

Furthermore, we intend to provide teachers and educational experts with the relevant information that will enable them to individually adapt the training to the proven needs of the learners.