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Mechanisms of the breathing contribution to bodily self‐consciousness in healthy humans: Lessons from machine‐assisted breathing?

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The Confidence Database

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Flight of mind: Sensorimotor and multisensory embodiment with aviation robotics, flight simulator, and virtual reality

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Increased Neural Strength and Reliability to Audiovisual Stimuli at the Boundary of Peripersonal Space

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H-D. Park; O. Blanke 

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The Bodily Self In Psychosis: Sensorimotor Induction Of Auditory Misattribution In Psychosis Is Linked To Neural Disconnectivity

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Functional Disconnection Within The Presence Hallucination Network In Psychotic Patients With First-Rank Symptoms

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Peripersonal space (PPS) as a multisensory interface between the individual and the environment, defining the space of the self

A. Serino 

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Early Urinary Biomarkers in Pediatric Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD): No Evidence in the Interest of Urinary Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (uNGAL)

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Coupling Inner and Outer Body for Self-Consciousness

H-D. Park; O. Blanke 

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Experimentally induced limb-disownership in mixed reality

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Increased heartbeat-evoked potential during REM sleep in nightmare disorder

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Reply to: “1.5 Dissociation” of somatoparaphrenia for the upper limb and neglect for the lower limb following a thalamic stroke presenting as flaccid hemiparesis: rehabilitation applications and neuroscience implications

F. Perren; O. Blanke; T. Landis 

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A method for voxel ray-casting of scenes on a whole screen

R. Mange 

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Real-time 360 Body Scanning System for Virtual Reality Research Applications


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Cognitive neuroprosthetics for investigating and restoring body perception

M. Solcà / O. Blanke (Dir.)  

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First-person view of one’s body in immersive virtual reality: Influence on episodic memory

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Differential effects of vestibular processing on orienting exogenous and endogenous covert visual attention

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Virtual Reality as a Vehicle to Empower Motor-Cognitive Neurorehabilitation

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Preliminary Study: Effects of Visual Distortion on Standing Balance Motion Amplitude and Visual Dependency on an Unstable Surface

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Self-attribution of distorted reaching movements in immersive virtual reality

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Biomimetic Intraneural Sensory Feedback Enhances Sensation Naturalness, Tactile Sensitivity, and Manual Dexterity in a Bidirectional Prosthesis

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A statistical shape model to predict the premorbid glenoid cavity

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Audio-Tactile and Peripersonal Space Processing Around the Trunk in Human Parietal and Temporal Cortex: An Intracranial EEG Study

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Altered heartbeat-evoked potential amplitude in nightmare disorder

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The Feeling of Me Feeling for You: Interoception, Alexithymia and Empathy in Autism

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Audio-visual sensory deprivation degrades visuo-tactile peri-personal space

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The Critical Role of Self-Contact for Embodiment in Virtual Reality

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Peripersonal Space: An Index of Multisensory Body–Environment Interactions in Real, Virtual, and Mixed Realities

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System and methods for using thereof for predicting hallucinations

O. Blanke; G. Rognini 

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Congruent Visuo-Tactile Feedback Facilitates the Extension of Peripersonal Space

A. Sengul; M. van Elk; O. Blanke; H. Bleuler 

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Common Recruitment of Angular Gyrus in Episodic Autobiographical Memory and Bodily Self-Consciousness

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Multisensory bionic limb to achieve prosthesis embodiment and reduce distorted phantom limb perceptions

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Cardio-visual full body illusion alters bodily self-consciousness and tactile processing in somatosensory cortex

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From multisensory integration in peripersonal space to bodily self-consciousness: from statistical regularities to statistical inference

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Boosting Action Observation and Motor Imagery to Promote Plasticity and Learning

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The neural monitoring of visceral inputs, rather than attention, accounts for first-person perspective in conscious vision

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Sensorimotor Induction of Auditory Misattribution in Psychosis is Linked to Neural Disconnectivity

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Neural Mechanisms of Presence Hallucination and Passivity Experience Induced by Sensorimotor Conflicts in Healthy Subjects: A Robotics-fMRI Study

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Non-invasive brain stimulation of motor cortex induces embodiment when integrated with virtual reality feedback

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Insula mediates heartbeat related effects on visual consciousness

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Behavioural, modeling, and electrophysiological evidence for supramodality in human metacognition

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Social perception of others shapes one’s own multisensory peripersonal space

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Rethinking Body Ownership in Schizophrenia: Experimental and Meta-analytical Approaches Show no Evidence for Deficits

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Neural Sources and Underlying Mechanisms of Neural Responses to Heartbeats, and their Role in Bodily Self-consciousness: An Intracranial EEG Study

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Multisensory interactions in peripersonal space and their contributions to bodily self-consciousness

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Virtual reality improves embodiment and neuropathic pain caused by spinal cord injury

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Interplay between Narrative and Bodily Self in Access to Consciousness: No Difference between Self- and Non-self Attributes

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Performance monitoring for brain-computer-interface actions

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