Former MSc students

Claus Bendtsen (MSc’92, Technical University of Denmark, DK)
Thesis: Spectral Methods on a Massively Parallel Computer

Lars K. Lundin (MSc’92, Technical University of Denmark, DK)
Thesis: Spectral Methods on a Massively Parallel Computer

Hendrik Riedmann (MSc’10, University of Stuttgart, D)

Andreas Stock (MSc’10, University of Stuttgart, D)

Sabina Hoffmann (MSc’08, University of Hamburg, D)

Allan Nielsen (MSc’12, Technical University of Denmark, DK)
Thesis: Feasibility Study of the Parareal Algorithm

Manuel  Florian Schmid (MSc’15, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Resolution of the Gibbs Phenomenon for Navier-Stokes Equations

Marco Sutti (MSc’15, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Analysis and Optimization of Perfectly Matched Layers for the Boltzmann Equation.

Boris Bonev (MSc’15, University of Stuttgart, D)
Thesis: Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Shallow Water Equations

Caterina Bigoni (MSc’15, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Adaptive WENO Methods based on Non-Polynomial Reconstructions

Jonathan Droxler (MSc’16, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Computation of superlensing and cloaking using negative index metamaterial

Gilles Brunner (MSc’16, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Optimizing the Parareal Method for Shallow Water Equations

Killian Thomas (MSc’16, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: 2D adaptive WENO methods based on RBF reconstructions

Stefani Guarino (MSc’16, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Spectral deferred correction methods for differential integral equations

Seif Ben Bader (MSc’16, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: iCeBOUND Project – Porting a Solar Energy Potential Algorithm on GPU

Bozorgmehr Aminian (MSc’17, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Drag Prediction of LEO Satellites with Artificial Neural Network

Dario Marvin (MSc’17, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Computational Modeling of Cloaking

Stefano Ubbiali (MSc’17, EPFL/Milan, CH)
Thesis: Reduced order modeling of nonlinear problems using neural networks

Nicolo Ripamonti (MSc’17, EPFL/Milan, CH)
Thesis: Energy-preserving model reduction of fluid flows

Fabien Rochat (MSc’18, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Bayesian Inference in Parametric Acoustic Wave Equation

Niccolo Discacciati (MSc’18, EPFL/Milan, CH)
Thesis: Controlling oscillations in high-order schemes using neural networks


Former PhD students

Baolin Yang (PhD’98, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Spectral Methods and Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Maxwell’s Equations.

Chun-Hao Teng (PhD’01, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Numerical Methods for Wave Problems in Complex Geometries.

Qian-Yong Chen (PhD’04, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Topics in Spectral Methods.

Lucas Wilcox (PhD’06, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: High-Order Accurate Methods for Solving the Time-Harmonic Maxwell’s Equations.

Alex Kanevsky (PhD’06, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Fluid Flow Simulations.

Laura Lurati (PhD’06, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Spectral Methods for Dealing with Uncertainty and the Gibbs Phenomenon.

Sehun Chun (PhD’08, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: High-Order Accurate Methods for Solving Maxwell’s Equations and their Applications.

Akil Narayan (PhD’09, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: A Generalization of the Wiener Rational Basis Functions on Infinite Intervals.

Alan Schiemenz (PhD’09, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Advances in the Discontinuous Galerkin Method: Hybrid Schemes and Applications to the Reactive Infiltration Instability in an Upwelling Compacting Mantle.

Andreas Klöckner (PhD’10, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: High-performance high-order simulations of wave and plasma phenomena.

Scott Field (PhD’11, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Applications of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods to Computational General Relativity.

Sheri Martinelli (PhD’12, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: A Level-Sets-Based Wavefront Propagation Method for Underwater Acoustics

Kenny Chowdhary (PhD’12, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty Quantication/Sparse Gradient Image Recovery from Fourier and Edge Data

Paul Cazeaux (PhD’13, Paris VI, France and Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Quelques modeles mathematiques homogeneises appliques a la modelisation du parenchyme pulmonaire

Xueyu Zhu (PhD’13, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Reduced Basis Methods and Their applications

Seshu Turipathi (PhD’14, Brown University, USA)
Thesis: Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Magma Dynamics

Babak Maboudi Afkham (PhD’18, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Geometric Model Order Reduction

Allan Svejstrup Nielsen (PhD’18, EPFL, CH)
Thesis: Scaling and Resilience in Numerical Algorithms for Exascale Computing


Former Postdoctoral assistans

Tim Warburton (’99-’01, Brown University, USA)

Cedric Chauviere (’01-’03, Brown University, USA)

Luke Olson (’03-’05, Brown University, USA)

Gustaav Jacobs (’03-’06, Brown University, USA)

Eugene Kashdan (’05-’06, Brown University, USA)

Jeronimo Rodriguez (’05-’06, Brown University, USA)

Stephen Lau (’06-’08, Brown University, USA)

Yanlai Chen (’07-’10, Brown University USA)

Benjamin Stamm (’08-’10, Brown University, USA)

Khosro Shahbazi (08-’11, Brown University, USA) 

Bin Zhang (’10-’11, Brown University, USA)

Shun Zhang (’10-’13, Brown University, USA)

Feng Chen (’12-’14, Brown University USA)

Salomon Jahunen (’13-’14, Brown University, USA)

Paul Cazeaux(’13-’14 Brown University, USA, ’14-’15, EPFL, CH)

Paolo Gatto (’13-’17, EPFL, CH)

Daniel Baffet (’13-’17, EPFL, CH)


Former long term visitors

Kim Dridi (8/’00-2/’01, Technical University of Denmark, DK)

Jesper Grooss (8/’02-2/’03, Technical University of Denmark, DK)

Allan Peter Engsig-Karup (8/’04-3/’05, Technical University of Denmark, DK)

Eivind Brodal (7/’05-12/05; 8/’06-12/’06, University of Tromso, N)

Stefan Engblom (10/’06-6/’07, Uppsala University, S)

Sabina Hofmann (10/’07-3/’08, University of Hamburg, D)

Arnel Tampos (9/’08-12/’08, University of Philippines, Philippines)

Hendrik Riedmann (4/’09-10/’09, University of Stuttgart, D)

Andreas Stock (4/’09-10/’09, University of Stuttgart, D)

Meilin Liu (9/’08 – 12/’09, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, PRC)

Gao Zhen (9/’08 – 8/’10 Ocean University of China, Qiandao, PRC)

Weihua Deng (9/’09-8/’10, Lanzhou University, PRC)

Qinwu Xu (9/’11-9/’13, Central South University, PRC)

Jens Zudrop (3/’14-10/’14, University of Aachen, D)

Khemraj Shukla (9/’14-5/’15, Oklahoma State University, USA)

Rasmus Ellebark Christensen (9/’14-1/’15, Technical University of Denmark, DK)

Martin Hess (9/’14-11/’14, MPI Madgeburg, D)

Wang Chen (10/’14-9/’15, Northwestern Polytechnic University, PRC)

Somayeh Yeganeh (10/’15-4/’16, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran)

Lijing Zhao (10/’15-10/’16, Lanzhou University, PRC)

Richard Grizivatz (4/’16-9/’16, Ecole Centrale, Lyon, F)

Magnus Dam (4/’16-8/’16,Technical University of Denmark, DK)

Jian Yu (12/’16-12/’17, Beihang University, Beijing, PRC)

Mayha Hajihassanpour (9/’17-3/’18, Sharif University, Teheran, Iran)

Fatemeh Mojarrad (4/’18-10/’18, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran)

Ganesh Sundar Subramaniam (4/’18-10/’18, University of Aachen, D)

Jim Magiera (9/’18-12/’18, University of Stuttgart , D)

Mehran Mahdavi (6/’18-1/’19, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran)