Master Projects

We primarily look for master students or, in rare cases, bachelor students in their last year for these projects. Students should be self-motivated and capable of learning on their own. Most projects require good skill in programming. Positions are limited, thus an interview may be carried out to evaluate the candidate’s eligibility. Please contact the corresponding contact persons listed below for more details.

Project List #1

Possible time: 2022-2023 academic year, Fall or Spring semester.

Eligibility: Proficiency in C++; good knowledge in data structure and algorithm design; basic knowledge in logic synthesis or willingness to get to know this field (preferable, but not necessary, students who have taken CS-472 and/or CS-724).

Possible project tasks (One student should only choose one of them): Re-implement an existing algorithm; implement user-friendly interfaces for existing tools; implement an elementary data structure in a logic synthesis tool.

What you will learn: Hands-on experience with one of the EPFL logic synthesis libraries; get to know in detail a logic synthesis algorithm and/or data structure; the mindset and “tricks” to implement efficient, scalable software.

Detailed list and references: Click here

Contact person: Siang-Yun Lee

Project List #2

Coming soon…

Contact personRassul Bairamkulov