Tools and Downloads

The EPFL Logic Synthesis Libraries

At LSI, we maintain several dedicated C++ open source libraries. You can find an overview of all libraries, links to them, and some examples on how to use them in the logic synthesis libraries showcase repository.

The EPFL Logic Synthesis Benchmarks

We maintain a list of large combinatorial benchmarks. Associated to this list is an ongoing competition on finding the smallest size or smallest depth 6-LUT networks for these benchmarks. More information can be found on the logic synthesis benchmarks repository.

CirKit and RevKit

CirKit and RevKit are command line tools for classical logic optimization and quantum compilation, respectively. They provide a friendly user interface to most of the functionality in the EPFL logic synthesis libraries. Apart from being command line tools, CirKit and RevKit can also be used as Python or C libraries, for integration into other tools and frameworks.

Previous tools

The following tools are no longer actively maintained.


FPGA – SPICE(Download link)

Click here to go to the FPGA – SPICE introduction page


MIGFET (Download link)

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MIG (Download link)

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Most of the functionality in this package is now also available in the logic optimization library mockturtle.

BBDD package

BBDD (Download link)

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GenYsis Toolbox

Following software pacakages are available to download: