Metal halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs)

PSCs have emerged from DSCs and, since their inception in 2009, have attracted wide interest from the international scientific community. Methylammonium, formamidinium and cesium lead iodide perovskites have emerged as outstanding candidates for reducing the active layer thickness of the photovoltaic devices to a few hundred nanometers, while achieving solar conversion efficiency of over 25% in 2019. Current emphasis hence is to exploit this new and very promising class of materials in solar cells to increase further their performance and ascertaining long-term stability. Towards this objective, the research at LPI is focused on molecular engineering of novel hybrid perovskite compositions, modulating their properties by employing designed organic components, as well as developing layered two-dimensional (2D) and hybrid 2D/3D perovskite architectures that further stabilize perovskite solar cells without compromising their exceptional photovoltaic performances.

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