Dye sensitised solar cells

This new and revolutionary thin-film solar cell technology invented by Grätzel uses dyes, pigments, or quantum dots as light harvesters. These are surface-bound on mesoscopic oxide supports as a key electron capturing substrate, permitting the realization of very high efficiency photovoltaic thin layer solar cells in two complementary designs. The widely studied and relative mature embodiment employs ruthenium complexes or organic donor/acceptor dyes in conjunction with a a liquid or ionic liquid form of electrolyte containing a redox couple, such as iodide/triodide, Co(II/III) or Cu(II/III). At the same time, LPI develops new cell embodiments to boost the efficiency of the DSC further without compromising their stability. This work comprises the development of new sensitizers and, in particular, solid-state versions of the DSCs where the liquid electrolyte is replaced by a hole conductor. Part of LPI research is carried out in cooperation with industrial companies that commercialize DSC technology.

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