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Aldehyde-Assisted Lignocellulose Fractionation Provides Unique Lignin Oligomers for the Design of Tunable Polyurethane Bioresins

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Catalyst Evolution Enhances Production of Xylitol from Acetal-Stabilized Xylose

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A Road to Profitability from Lignin via the Production of Bioactive Molecules

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Establishing Lignin Structure-Upgradeability Relationships Using Quantitative 1H-13C Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HSQC-NMR) Spectroscopy

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Insights into the Nature of the Active Sites of Tin‐Montmorillonite for the Synthesis of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers (OME)

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Cu–Al Spinel as a Highly Active and Stable Catalyst for the Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction

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Green Chemistry. 2019. Vol. 21, num. 10, p. 2801-2809. DOI : 10.1039/c9gc00513g.
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Post-synthesis deposition of mesoporous niobic acid with improved thermal stability by kinetically controlled sol–gel overcoating

Y-P. Du; F. Héroguel; X. T. Nguyen; J. S. Luterbacher 

Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2019. Vol. 7, num. 41, p. 23803-23811. DOI : 10.1039/C9TA01459D.
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Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass to produce uncondensed aldehyde-stabilized lignin

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Nature Protocols. 2019. Vol. 14, p. 921-954. DOI : 10.1038/s41596-018-0121-7.
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Optimization of Lignin Extraction from Pine Wood for Fast Pyrolysis by Using γ-valerolactone-Based Binary Solvent System

S. Jampa; A. Puente-Urbina; Z. Ma; S. Wongkasemjit; J. S. Luterbacher et al. 

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2019. Vol. 7, num. 4, p. 4058-4068. DOI : 10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b05498.
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Highly Selective Oxidation and Depolymerization of α,γ-Diol Protected Lignin

W. Lan; J. B. de Bueren; J. S. Luterbacher 

Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2019. Vol. 58, num. 9, p. 2649-2654. DOI : 10.1002/anie.201811630.
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Prominent role of mesopore surface area and external acid sites for the synthesis of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (OME) on a hierarchical H-ZSM-5 zeolite

C. J. Baranowski; A. M. Bahmanpour; F. Héroguel; J. S. Luterbacher; O. Kröcher 

Catalysis Science & Technology. 2019. Vol. 9, num. 2, p. 366-376. DOI : 10.1039/C8CY02194E.


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Selectivity control during the single-step conversion of aliphatic carboxylic acids to linear olefins

J. H. Yeap; F. Héroguel; R. L. Shahab; B. Rozmyslowicz; M. H. Studer et al. 

ACS Catalysis. 2018. Vol. 8, p. 10769-10773. DOI : 10.1021/acscatal.8b03370.
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An “ideal lignin” facilitates full biomass utilization

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Science Advances. 2018. Vol. 4, num. 9, p. eaau2968. DOI : 10.1126/sciadv.aau2968.
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Carbohydrate stabilization extends the kinetic limits of chemical polysaccharide depolymerization

Y. M. Questell-Santiago; R. Zambrano-Varela; M. Talebi Amiri; J. S. Luterbacher 

Nature Chemistry. 2018. Vol. 10, num. 12, p. 1222-1228. DOI : 10.1038/s41557-018-0134-4.
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Slowing the Kinetics of Alumina Sol-Gel Chemistry for Controlled Catalyst Overcoating and Improved Catalyst Stability and Selectivity

Y-P. Du; F. Héroguel; J. S. Luterbacher 

Small. 2018.  p. 1801733. DOI : 10.1002/smll.201801733.
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Selective synthesis of dimethyl ether on eco-friendly K10 montmorillonite clay

A. M. Bahmanpour; F. Héroguel; C. J. Baranowski; J. S. Luterbacher; O. Kröcher 

Applied Catalysis A: General. 2018. Vol. 560, p. 165-170. DOI : 10.1016/j.apcata.2018.05.006.
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Simulation of Gas- and Liquid-Phase Layer-By-Layer Deposition of Metal Oxides by Coarse-Grained Modeling

K. S. Brown; C. Saggese; B. P. Le Monnier; F. Héroguel; J. S. Luterbacher 

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2018. Vol. 122, num. 12, p. 6713-6720. DOI : 10.1021/acs.jpcc.8b00197.
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Consolidated bioprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass to lactic acid by a synthetic fungal-bacterial consortium

R. L. Shahab; J. S. Luterbacher; S. Brethauer; M. H. Studer 

Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2018. Vol. 115, num. 5, p. 1207-1215. DOI : 10.1002/bit.26541.
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Densely Packed, Ultra Small SnO Nanoparticles for Enhanced Activity and Selectivity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

J. Gu; F. Héroguel; J. Luterbacher; X. Hu 

Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2018. Vol. 130, num. 11, p. 2993-2997. DOI : 10.1002/anie.201713003.
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Protection Group Effects During α,γ-Diol Lignin Stabilization Promote High-Selectivity Monomer Production

W. Lan; M. T. Amiri; C. M. Hunston; J. S. Luterbacher 

Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2018. Vol. 57, num. 5, p. 1356-1360. DOI : 10.1002/anie.201710838.

Controlled deposition of titanium oxide overcoats by non-hydrolytic sol gel for improved catalyst selectivity and stability

F. Héroguel; L. Silvioli; Y-P. Du; J. S. Luterbacher 

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Promotion Effect of Alkali Metal Hydroxides on Polymer-Stabilized Pd Nanoparticles for Selective Hydrogenation of C–C Triple Bonds in Alkynols

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Catalyst stabilization by stoichiometrically limited layer-by-layer overcoating in liquid media

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Clean, cleaved surfaces of the photovoltaic perovskite

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