Former Postdocs & PhD Students

Name Relationship Next Position
Florent Heroguel Scientist Co-Founder & COO of Bloom Biorenewables Ltd
Jessica Rohrbach PhD Student
Wu Lan Postdoc Assistant Professor at South China University of Technology
Graham Reid Dick Postdoc Founder of Lygg Corporation
Benjamin Pierre Le Monnier PhD Student Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University (Prof. Michael Tsapatsis Group)
Yuan-Peng Du PhD Student
Jher Hau Yeap PhD Student Technical Service Engineer at Johnson Matthey
Ydna Marie Questell-Santiago PhD Student Postdoc at MIT
Masoud Talebi Amiri PhD Student Postdoc at EPFL
Bartosz Rozmysłowicz Postdoc
Li Shuai Postdoc Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech
Chiara Saggese Postdoc Postdoc at Stanford

Former Visiting, M.Sc. Students & Undergraduate Students

Name Relationship Next Position
Anna Bosch Rico M.Sc. student
Raphael Schnyder M.Sc. student Engineer at PHARMAPLAN (TTP Group)
Antonio Colantuoni M.Sc. student Consultant at McKinsey & Company
Cedrik Eriksson M.Sc. student with Bloom Biorenewables
Lionel Bertschy M.Sc. student with TreaTech
Agathe Martin M.Sc. student at TU München Engineer at Transfusion int. CRS
Ahmed Elkhaiary M.Sc. student Scientist at Firmenich
Raquel Zambrano M.Sc. student Scientist at TreaTech
Christopher Hunston M.Sc. student PhD student at PSI
Luca Silvioli M.Sc. student PhD student at University of Copenhagen
Kristopher Brown Visiting student PhD student at Stanford
Juno Siu Undergraduate researcher PhD student at Cornell University
Alexandre Agostinis Visiting student Technical specialist at Dechamboux

Students with short-term and semester projects

  • Valérie Held (EPFL)
  • Enrique de la Fuente (EPFL)
  • Nguyen Xuan Trung (EPFL)
  • Maxime Curvat (EPFL)
  • César Mercado (EPFL)
  • Clémence Humbert (ENS de Chimie, Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Isabel Moritz (EPFL)
  • Manuel Moradell (EPFL)