Time-resolved and Ultrafast Electron Microscopy

Time-resolved Electron Microscopy

Time-Resolved Electron Microscopy combines the spatial resolution of Electron Microscopes with the time resolution of modern laser systems. This gives us the ability to observe the dynamics of nanoscale systems directly and with a time resolution down to the femtosecond timescale, which opens up exciting new possibilities. Of particular interest to us are systems whose complex behavior has a molecular origin.

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Helium Nanodroplets

Time-resolved Electron Microscopy

The project explores the dynamics of atomic and molecular species attached to or dissolved into liquid helium nanodroplets. These droplets consist of several thousands of helium atoms and are highly quantum systems. The questions we would like to address are related to the influence this remarkable environment has on the dynamics of molecular or atomic species in or on these helium droplets and, vice versa, the influence of these species on the environment.

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