Linking innovations in immersive technologies with scientific progress in neuroscience of consciousness and perception, and translating this knowledge to cognitive enhancement and healthcare applications.

The future of immersive technologies driven by scientific knowledge about the brain

Designed to remove current gaps between recordings of reality and artificial re-experiencing of life events, the Reality Substitution Machine applies insights and techniques from cognitive neuroscience to trick the brain into believing in alternative virtual realities.

  • Immersive technologies: capturing reality and augmenting human experience with artificial realities, blending recorded and generated life events.
  • Neuroscientific knowledge: how the brain perceives reality through bodily experiences, vision and sound.
  • Applications: neuroscience research, virtual reality therapy, cognitive enhancement and future neurological treatments.

Research Cooperation in Reality Substitution



Dr Bruno Herbelin – Project leader

Dr Andrea Serino – Project Scientific Advisor

Dr Fosco Bernasconi – Neuroscientist

Baptiste Gauthier – Neuroscientist

Florian Lance – VR Engineer

PhD students

Advisory Board

Prof Olaf Blanke

Dr Jamil El Imad