Open Positions

PhD Fellowships

  • New PhD positions will be announced approximately 6 weeks before the 2021 application deadlines. 

PhD Fellowships: candidates will be enrolled in the EPFL PhD program Neuroscience. To become a PhD candidate at EPFL, and thus to be eligible for these positions, candidates must first apply and be admitted into the EDNE doctoral programs. Details on this procedure can be found at Next deadline: and

PostDoc Fellowships

A Postdoctoral positions in Electronic skins for early prediction of mental and cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease is open. More information on the positions and how to apply in the following page:

For other inquiries and spontaneous applications please contact:

Fosco Bernasconi
Senior Scientist
Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience

Projects at MindMaze SA


MindMaze is a R&D company based in Lausanne (Switzerland) that combines immersive virtual reality, brain imaging and robotics to build novel platforms for neurorehabilitation and game training. It is developing unique hardware and software architectures for tailored solutions across diverse applications. Its multidisciplinary team brings together expertise in microelectronics, brain-computer interfaces, computer vision, cognitive neuroscience, virtual reality, robotics, and design for manufacturing and regulatory/quality management for medical devices.

MindMaze is currently offering projects in the following domains:

  • Patient data analysis and statistics
  • Statistical inference on brain imaging data
  • Human body motion tracking
  • Database synchronization and cloud architecture
  • Graphical user interfaces for medical products
  • 3D rendering libraries and drivers
  • Embedded hardware (VHDL, microcontroller)
  • Industrial design

The students will intensively participate in research and development of hardware, software and expose to medical device regulatory/quality procedures as well as clinical validation under expert supervision. Join the team by writing your interests along with your CV to [email protected] Visit website for more details of the company