The Laboratory for Molecular Engineering of Optoelectronic Nanomaterials

LIMNO scientists demonstrate new type of hybrid solar cell

— Dr. Guijarro and Dr. Yao present the first demonstration of integrating CsPbI3 quantum dots into a conventional organic solar cell. The resulting performance enhancement has been published in Angewandte Chemie.

LIMNO PhD student wins poster prize at SCS photochem meeting

— On June 14, at the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) Photochemistry Symposium 2019 in HEIA Fribourg, LIMNO PhD student Yongpeng Liu won 2nd place Poster prize. 

Alternative Oxidation Reactions for Solar-Driven Fuel Production

— A new perspective on how to valorize oxidation reactions during the artificial photosynthesis of solar fuel is reported by LIMNO researchers in the journal ACS Catalysis. 

Y. Liu and N. Guijarro shine new light on copper ferrite photoanodes

— Photoelectrochemical solar fuel production requires robust photoanode materials. In a new report published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Yongpeng Liu and Dr. Néstor Guijarro lead a study that reveals deep insights into the performance of a potential photoanode material:Copper ferrite.

LIMNO Reports New Route to Make Stable Organic Solar Cells

— The stability of donor-acceptor bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics (BHJ OPV) can be increased by using fully conjugated block co-polymers (BCPs) but the lack of facile routes to prepare BCPs from diverse monomers has limited the advancement of BCP based BHJ OPVs. LIMNO has advanced the field in a new report.

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