Old News

After obtaining her PhD from The University of Minnesota (Prof. Eray Aydil), Dr. Melissa Johnson crossed the pond to join LIMNO. Welcome to the group !


Dr. Guijarro’s use of novel overlayers of n-type CdSe or ZnSe on p-type CZTS along with a methylviologen as a surface treatment gave new insights into interfacial charge extraction for this promising photoelectrochemical energy conversion system. The full details can be found in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.

Xiaoyun Yu’s method using alkyl-trichlorosilane surfactants to prevent the restacking of 2D MoS2 layers and create stable dispersions was used to demonstrate homogeneous thin film formation and highly active large-area semiconductor devices. A full description is published in the ACS journal Chemistry of Materials.

After a postdoctoral fellowship with Prof. James Durrant (ICL), Dr. Florian Le Formal joins our team. In addition, Wiktor Bourée joins LIMNO for his PhD studies after master’s training at ETHZ and a research internship at Harvard University. Welcome to the group !


Using a flexible linker approach we have demonstrated a new way to control thin-film morphologies without changing the molecular weight. This has allowed new insights into inter-and intra-chain transport in thin-film. Our results have been published in the journal “Chemical Science”.

Pauline Bornoz’s work entitled “A Bismuth Vanadate-Cuprous Oxide Tandem Cell for Overall Solar Water Splitting” has been published by the American Chemical Society. Download the paper here.

After completing a post-doctoral fellowship in the group of Professor John Anthony (University of Kentucky), Dr. Emilie Ripaud joing the group. Her work will focus on the crystal engineering of molecular semiconductors. Welcome Dr. Ripaud !

Andrea Gasperini’s research entitled “Effects of Molecular Weight on Microstructure and Carrier Transport in a Semicrystalline Poly(thieno)thiophene” is published in the American Society’s journal Macromolecules.

After completing his Master’s studies at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Prof. Michael L. Turner, Aiman Rahmanudin has joined our team to pursue his PhD studies. Welcome Aiman!

Yang has joined LIMNO to pursue his study as a Visiting Student PhD for one year. Welcome Yang!

At the 9th International Conference on Organics Electronics ICOE 2013, June 17-20, 2013, MINATEC, Grenoble, France. The ICOE is an internationally recognized conference where all aspects of this trans-disciplinary domain (Chemistry, Physics, Nano-Science/Technology) are discussed.

Xavier Jeanbourquin and Pauline Bornoz join the group after thier respective masters projects at Imperial College London and UPMC Paris. Welcome to the group!


LIMNOs research project entitled CEMOS (Crystal Engineering for Molecular Organic Semiconductors) has been approved for funding by the European Research Council. The project lasts five years with a budget of 1.5 M€. 

Dr. Guijarro Carratalá won the prestigious Marie Curie post doctoral fellowship and joins LIMNO after obtaining a PhD from the University of Alicante. Welcome Nestor!


Dr. Bivaud joins LIMNO after obtaining a PhD in the group of Pr. Marc Sallé at the University of Angers. Welcome Sébastien!


Our recent Nature Photonics paper has been highlighed by the international news agency. Link to the video here:


After an internship with Curtis p. Berlinguette at the University of Calgary, Mathieu joins the group. Welcome Mathieu!


After completing her master’s degree at Sun Yat-Sen University under the supervision of Prof. Dai-bin kuang, Xiaoyun Yu has joined our growing team at LIMNO. Welcome Xiaoyun!


Please check out our facilities page for information on our equipment and capabilities


Now “Dr.” Brillet has sucessfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Solar energy Stored as Hydrogen: Controlling Inexpensive Oxide-based Nanostructures for efficient water splitting.” Congradulations Jeremie!


After completing his Master’s studies with Prof. Jacques Moser at EPFL, Andrea has joined LIMNO to pursue a his PhD studies. Welcome Andrea!


At the 2011 EPFL Magistrale The “Fondation Zeno Karl Schindler”, a charitable organisation established in 2005 by Jacqueline Schindler, presented the “Zeno Karl Schindler/EPFL” Prize. The award was presented to Dr. Kevin Sivula for his outstanding research on the use of mesoscopic oxides for the direct generation of hydrogen from water by sunlight. More information