Lemaitre Lab

Drosophila macrophages engulfing Staphylococcus aureus bacteria | © Claudia Melcarne/ EPFL

Insects possess efficient mechanisms for detecting and neutralising microbial infection. The application of Drosophila genetics to deciphering these mechanisms has generated insights into insect immunity and uncovered similarities with mammalian innate immune responses. Our research focuses on understanding mechanisms of microbial infection and corresponding host defence responses in Drosophila using genetic and genomic approaches.

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Head of Laboratory : Bruno Lemaitre

Office : SV 3838

Mail : [email protected]

Phone :  41 21 69 31831

Administrative Assistant : Véronique Dijkstra-Bulliard

Office : SV 3837

Mail : [email protected]

Phone :  41 21 69 34348

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