Journals and Neuroscience Data Bases

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PNAS: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science


Journal of Neuroscience
J. of Neurophysiology
Nature Neuroscience
Trends in Neuroscience
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Neural Networks/Computational Neuroscience

Neural Computation
Neural Networks
Network – Computation in Neural Systems
Biological Cybernetics
Journal of Computational Neuroscience
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks

Statistical Physics

PRL: Physical Review Letters
PRE: Physical Review E


Adaptative Behaviour
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing
Speech Communication

Other Journals of Interest

APS Journals Online

MIT Press Journals: Science & Technology
SIAM Journals
Springer Journals
Neural Processing Letters
IEEE – Journals Online
Neural Computing Surveys
BioMedNet -Journals
The Journal of Neurophysiology Online
Neuron Online
Cerebral Cortex
The Journal of Physiology
Neuroscience Electronic Journals
Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS) Preprint Archive
Molecular Vision
Optical Society of America



Neuroscience & Vision: Internet Search/Ressources



Brain Basics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Neuroscience (Biosciences)
Neurosciences on the Internet
Neuron database: SenseLab. Properties of neurons, neuron types, models
Neuroscience for kids
Vision Science: The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
AVA Vision Links
History: Important Dates in Vision Science
Xanat–A Graphical Anatomical Database
Sereno: Brain unfolding, flattening, and activity movies
The Whole Brain Atlas
BIBTEX collection of neural network publications, TU-Vienna



Resource collection for Evolutionary Computation/Neural Networks



NEURON’s Front Door
The GENESIS Simulator
Surf-hippo (Borg-Graham’s simulator)
Machine Learning Library in C++
The NN learning algorithm benchmarking page
PDP++ Home Page
Neural Competitive Models Demo
Flexible Bayesian Modeling