Our research

Our research focuses on advancing the description of aerosols and aerosol-cloud interactions in atmospheric models through the combination of observations, theory and modeling. We have developed physical relationships that efficiently and accurately predict aerosol thermodynamics and the formation of droplet and ice crystal formation in models. We also have developed advanced tools to understand the sensitivity of predicted aerosol and cloud fields to their input. Modeling efforts also include understanding the climate impacts of aerosol, dynamical downscaling of climate model simulations as well as land use modeling and land-atmosphere coupling. Our group also focuses on the development of aerosol instrumentation, measurement techniques for understanding the aerosol-cloud link and aerosol properties, such as hygroscopicity, volatility and water uptake kinetics. We are also heavily involved in field measurement programs (both ground-based as well as airborne) focused on understanding the climate and health impacts of ambient aerosol from a wide variety of sources. We continuously try to expand into other areas of research, and are involved in a number of exciting exploratory projects, some of which are outlined below.

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