How to reach us

We are located on the 2nd level of the BM building (BM=Batiment Microtechnique). Here it is on the campus map, Google maps and Google Streetview. Prof. Kis’ is in office no. 2141, on the north side (closer to the metro line) of the building.

If you are coming by train, please take metro M1 (line 1) from Flon (maptimetable, direction Renens gare) or Renens (map, timetable, Direction Flon) metro stations and get off the “EPFL” station. The Flon metro station can can be reached from the Lausanne main train station via metro M2 (line 2). Once you’re at the EPFL metro station, use the covered underpass to reach the campus and climb the stairs. The BM building will be the long building on your left side. Here it is on Google Streetview: link. Maps of the public transport network are available here.

If you are driving, please follow direction “Lausanne Sud” on the motorway E23 and take the exit “EPFL”.  Once you’ve exited, drive straight on the Cantonal road (road no. 1) and turn right on the roundabout just after the Rolex Learning Center (futuristic wavy building). From there you can go to the Rolex parking under the Rolex center (more place but further) or the covered public parking called “Esplanade” (less place but right next to my building), labeled P on the map. Once you’ve parked (assuming it’s Esplanade), climb up the stairs, and go to the Microtechnique building. It is a very long, rectangular, whitish, 5 floor building. My office is on level 2, on the far end, close to the metro line.

Another option is to use the underground parking of the Rolex center (visitor places are colored white), but this is farther from our building.

Our mailing address is:

Station 17
CH-1015 Lausanne
For the sake of GPS and Google maps you can also use as the street address Chemin du Barrage 16, 1015 Ecublens (or Lausanne), Switzerland. THIS IS HOWEVER NOT OUR MAILING ADDRESS!

Map with closest parking and metro station (labels P and M)

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