Research topics

Our research is multidisciplinary and covers a wide range of topics. We grow 2D materials, study their fundamental properties and applications in electronic, excitonic, spintronic and optoelectronic devices.

We study electrical properties of 2D semiconductors as well as limits to their performance in nanoelectronic devices. After our demonstration of a single-layer MoS2 transistor, we have realized logic operations and integrated circuits. Graphene can slo be used as a contact to MoS2 and TMD semiconductors, as shown in the example of heterostructure flash memory devices.The mobility (…)

We have harnessed the direct band gap in 2D TMDCs and their atomic scale thickness for making ultrasensitive photodetectors with very low noise levels. Combining them with 3D electronic materials such as Si into hybrid 2D/3D heterostructures can extend their reach further and allow the realization of other optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes and solar (…)

We are growing a wide selection of semiconducting TMDC monoloayers (MoS2, WS2, MoSe2 and WSe2) using CVD, MOCVD and MBE. One of our favorite growth substrates is sapphire on which we can grow high-quality TMDCs with high mobility and good control over lattice orientation.