High Speed Fan for Personnal Protection Equipment

Innosuisse project in collaboration with a Swiss industrial partner

Project Description

The LAI, along an international NGO, two Swiss company and the EssentialTech program of the Cooperation and Development Center, are developing a novel suit concept that will be paired with a high-reliability ventilation system. This protective suit is to be deployed in tropical climates and in remote areas of developing countries. This context induces high constraints in terms of harsh working environment, limited maintenance possibilities, and financial resources. To this purpose, a bearingless motor is being designed, which will ventilate the inner conditions of the suit.

The project aims to develop an electric drive that is portable, fail-safe and economically accessible. Robust sensor schemes will guarantee close-to-none maintenance operation at high speeds. Motor assembly will strive for modular construction schemes and minimization of cost sensitive materials.

> Functional prototype – Video <

Further information about the project in http://smartppe.org/