Available projects: Spring 2019

The list of available projects is found below. Early applications increase the chances of being considered.


Industrial internship (possible Master project)


Master projects


Other proposed projects by area of expertise

Process Design

1. Process design of a bio product production process: (contact person: Theodoros Damartzis)

  • from labs to industrial process
  • collaboration with a start up company

2. Membranes for gas separation: (contact person: Ligang Wang)

  • industrial membrane system design for gas separation
  • application for biogas purification and CO2 capture

Process Integration

1. Energy efficiency in industrial processes: (contact person: Anna Wallerand)

  • collaboration with industrial partners : Lenzing (AT), Fish production (ES)

2. Waste management: (contact person: Rafael Amoedo)

  • recycling or not ? what are the best strategies for municipal and industrial waste management?
  • LCA analysis
  • collecting- sorting- recycling or not? – integration with district heating
  • collaboration with SATOM- UTO

3. Waste water treatment plants integration in the energy system: (contact person: Alessio Santecchia)

  • efficiency, biogas, fuel cells, electrolysis and district heating analysis

Urban Systems

1. What is the role of the Rhone river for heating and cooling in Sion? (contact person: Nils Schüler)

  • collaboration with ESR

2. Options for integrating ORC-ORC systems for electricity storage on CO2 network and other district heating systems: (contact person: Francesco Baldi)

  • collaboration with Mann turbo

3. On the use of CO2 network in tropical cities: (contact person: Paul Stadler)

  • study on how CO2 network can be used to supply cold in tropical cities (Singapore)

4. Using CO2 in deep geothermal applications and in cities: (contact person: Raluca Suciu)

  • CO2 to cogenerate heat and electricity for cities

5. Integration of renewable energy sources in eco-districts: (contact person: Luise Middelhauve)

  • smart grid solutions with Romande Energie

6. Methodology to apply exergy in eco-district development: (contact person: Luc Girardin)

  • collaboration with IMPLENIA & EXERGO

Energy Planning