CO2 network application on the Campus Valais-Wallis in Sion with Energies Sion Région – ESR

Master project

General info

  • EPFL Professor: Prof. Dr. François Maréchal
  • Assistant: Dr. Jessen Page
  • Starting date is flexible according to the schedule of the student and the company
  • Salary and place of employment will be discussed and agreed between the company and the student


The Campus Valais-Wallis is under construction and will house (approximately 800) researchers from the HES-SO VS and EPFL VS by 2020. The complex of four buildings will serve as a life-size laboratory for research in the topic of urban energy systems. To do so the buildings will be connected to a CO2-based anergy network (low temperature network serving as a source and/or sink for the needs of heating and cooling). The objective of this master project will be, in collaboration with the local energy provider ESR (Energies Sion Région), to produce a prelimary design the network based on the modelling of the thermal energy demands of the buildings, potential sources of heat/cold and options for the thermal storage.


Desired hard skills are:

  • Energy conversion systems knowledge (EPFL courses: Thermo I/II, Energy conversion, Advanced Energetics, or equivalent)
  • Programming skills: MATLAB, Lua or similar languages
  • Optimization (EPFL courses: Modelling and Optimization of Energy Systems or equivalent)

Other soft skills that are highly appreciated:

  • Motivation, autonomy and self-organization
  • Ability to communicate results (oral and written)

How to apply

If interested please contact Jessen Page including your CV, a cover letter and a transcript of records (Bachelor’s and Master’s).


As the IPESE research group is located in Sion, students will need to commute. A travel expense compensation of 1200 CHF will be given to students for master projects. The days of presence in Sion will be determined upon communication with the project supervisor.

About ESR:

ESR (Energies Sion Région) is the energy utility of the city of Sion. It is responsible for providing the site of the Campus Valais-Wallis with all forms of energy requied (electricity, heat, gas) and is interested in using the site as a real-size laboratory for exploring innovative energy production and distribution solutions that is may later roll out on the infrastructure they already operate or plan to bulid.

More information can be found on their website.