Students Projects


The SCI-SCTI-MM group is looking for students interested in working on the implementation of optimized genomic information processing platforms.


The sequencing of the genetic information of human genome has become affordable due to high-throughput sequencing technology. This opens new perspectives for the diagnosis and successful treatment of cancer and other genetic illnesses. However, there remain challenges, scientific as well as computational, that need to be addressed for this technology to find its way into everyday practice in healthcare and medicine. The first challenge is to cope with the flood of sequencing data in such a way that human genome analysis can move from an experimental laboratory activity to daily practice.

Tasks and goals

The SCI-STI-MM group is currently collaborating with Swiss and international partners to design and develop optimized solutions for the compression of Next Generation Sequencing Data. This activity includes:

  • Analysis of the state of the art in genome information compression
  • Test of existing tools and framework
  • Extension of existing tools to add missing features
  • Software and hardware integration of developed tools on PC and embedded (FPGA, GPU, manycore) architectures.

If you are interested in a master or semester project in this area please contact us!