Open Positions

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals willing to tackle challenging scientific projects in relation to mechanics & the energy transition, in a serious,  friendly and cooperative environment. If we are really convinced by the motivation and high quality of a candidate, we may generate a corresponding internship (undergrad level), Ph.D or postdoc position.

To prospective students, post-docs.

For PhD, please read We are affiliated primarily with the doctoral school in mechanics (EDME). I receive a significant number of applications and may not have the time to reply to all quickly.

Our research is 70% theoretical/modeling, 30% experimental.  We thrive to compare predictions with observations obtained under well controlled conditions.

What we do requires a strong background in continuum mechanics and a “computational mindset”. Experimental (rock) mechanics & acoustic/seismology too if you want to be involved in experimental works.

We develop a number of numerical solvers (e.g. Boundary element for fracture problems, hydro-mechanical solver etc.) – and also uses a myriad of third-party codes. Just knowing how to run a finite element code is not going to get you far. You need to be willing to learn mathematical physics, numerical modeling and how to solve problems (i.e. code). If interested in experimental work, knowledge/ interest in inverse problems, acoustic in relation to our measurement systems is definitely a plus.

In general, students with a background in Civil Engineering (Structural, Geotechnical), Mechanical Engineering (continuum mechanics – solids and fluids), Physics, Applied Mathematics  (PDEs, numerical methods) do well. Quantitative Geophysicists can also fit.

Post-doc Position

No funded position is currently available.