Postdoctoral Researcher

Data management systems and new hardware

The Data-Intensive Applications and Systems laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) seeks highly motivated post-doctoral researchers with proven scientific excellence in the areas of just-in-time query processing, parallel and distributed data management, and data management systems on emerging hardware. Successful candidates are passionate about inventing, building, and publishing quality database systems research. A strong publication record and hands-on experience in system development are especially important.

Research Group

Despite recent technological advances both in the data management and in computer architecture domains, our ability to analyze data still falls behind the unstoppable data collection rates. Data-intensive applications are increasingly more demanding in sophisticated algorithms to store, manage, and interpret data. To meet the challenges, database software needs to communicate efficiently both with the application layer and with the underlying hardware platforms, and deliver seamless computational and data management support. Research in the DIAS lab addresses both aspects of the challenge: we adapt data management technology to computer architecture trends by designing data manipulation techniques that exploit optimally the underlying hardware and I/O devices, and we enable new discoveries in scientific domains through automating physical database design and revolutionizing exploration algorithms in very large data repositories. The DIAS lab pioneers just-in-time query engines which support analytics on raw data, data cleaning and query optimization for heterogeneous distributed data, and hardware/software codesigned engines for demanding applications.

Research and duties

The selected candidate is free to define their own research agenda within a large variety of potential data management projects in the lab, as described in the lab’s website. Post-docs work closely with all members of the lab carrying out excellent research, supervising students and collaborating with other postdocs, while optionally contributing to teaching (especially if they are interested in an academic career).

We offer
The DIAS Lab team is renowned for its collaborative and nourishing culture, which supports the lab’s members since their first day in the team and long after their departure. What’s more, salary and social benefits at EPFL are extremely competitive. The contract is fixed for one year initially, renewable up to four years.


Interested parties should send an application to Dimitra Tsaoussis including a CV, a research statement, and the names of at least three references. For inquiries regarding the research aspects of the position, contact Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki.