Exchange students in MechEng: tips and tricks

  • Questions about regulations and procedures, e.g., submission deadlines,  language requirements, the possibility of taking master-level courses in the host university, etc.


  • Validation of the Learning Agreement (LA)
    • OUTGOING students
      • When you submit your first LA or update it later, always send the following documents to your Exchange Study Advisor, Prof. Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate
        • The pdf of the official EPFL LA form
        • A table describing how the courses you have chosen map into the mandatory SGM courses (the list is here) and containing a brief description of each chosen course (copy and paste from the web or links to webpages). Examples of a table associated with a first LA and a table associated with an updated LA, with the changes highlighted.
          Without both documents, your request won’t be processed.
    • INCOMING students. Send the pdf of the LA (in the format of your home university) to your EPFL Exchange Study Advisor, Prof. Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate. Please check that the LA does not contain courses that are restricted to EPFL students – the complete list is here.


  • Validation of the exchange year – OUTGOING  students only
    • Send the complete transcript to your Exchange Study Advisor. For validating your Bachelor, you will have to obtain at least 180 ECTS after the exchange year. Otherwise:
      • If you score at least 170 ECTS, you can catch up with the missing credits during the first year of the master at EPFL
      • If you score less than 170 ECTS you will have to repeat the third year at EPFL
      • In both cases, the study plan at EPFL must be approved by the Exchange Study Advisor