Master course Infection Biology (BIO-477).

  • Lecturer(s): Blokesch Melanie
  • 5 ECTS = 5h /week for 14 weeks
  • Spring semester (February until end of May)
  • Information and material are routinely posted on Moodle (enrollment key required)
  • Language: English
  • Summary: Infectious diseases (ID) are still a major problem to human health. But how do pathogens make us sick? How do they evolve and spread? The discovery and use of antibiotics and vaccination has changed the outcome of some IDs. But resistance mechanisms have evolved and are of major concern.

Doctoral course Practical Blokesch lab (BIO-666) – EDMS PhD program. This program is intended for PhD students of 1st and 2nd year.

  • Lecturer: Blokesch Melanie
  • January (1 ECTS; 3 days block course)
  • Topic : How to look at tiny things: visualizing protein localization in bacteria using epifluorescence microscopy.
  • Language : English
  • Content

    • Theory : Basics on protein localization in bacteria.
    • Practical part :

      • Preparing bacteria for microscopy.
      • Staining methods to visualize bacteria.
      • Epifluorescence microscopy.
      • Comparison of protein localization depending on protein levels (varying artifical induction).
      • Comparison of transcriptional versus translational fusions.
      • Basic image analysis.

Landmark papers in Cancer and Infection (BIO-657) is offered as part of the Molecular Life Science program. Topics cover research represented within the GHI and ISREC Institutes of the School of Life Sciences.

  • PhD course EDMS.
  • Given every two years.
  • Various lecturers.

Each session will include a ~30 min introduction by the professor, followed by the presentation and dissection of paper(s) from the specific research field. For Prof. Blokesch’s lecture, students will prepare the paper beforehand and a common discussion within the group will take place.