Student Projects

Master thesis projects for EPFL students in the Blokesch lab can be arranged. A minimum stay in the lab of 6 months is highly encouraged.

The following Master project is currently offered (2019) :

Regulation of natural competence and type VI secretion in Vibrio cholerae and non-cholera Vibrios.

Please consult these publications for details :

 For Master thesis students coming from abroad (e.g. outside of EPFL) please note :

  • a minimum stay of 9 months is required to allow proper training ;
  • unfortunately no funding is available for your stay ;
  • the applicants are responsible to take care of their own housing (please note that the situation for students’ housing is very tight in Lausanne and regretfully we cannot provide any support for this issue).
For details please contact Melanie Blokesch several months in advance.

Please contact Prof. Blokesch directly for lab immersion project(s) or Bachelor thesis.

National and International students (advanced students in Bachelor program or early students in Master program) interested in joining the lab for a summer internship should apply for the “International Summer Research Program” offered by the EPFL School of Life Sciences.