Open Positions

We are currently searching highly motivated and organized future PhD students to join the Blokesch lab in 2021.

A strong background in Microbiology or Molecular Biology is a plus. Excellent experimental skills is a prerequisite.

Details on how to join the lab via EDMS or EDBB are provided on the doctoral programs’ webpages.

We are always considering self-funded postdoctoral fellows to join the lab.

There is currently no funding available for new postdocs to join the team.

However, highly motivated, self-driven, and organized candidates with exemplary data keeping skills who will be able to support a significant part of their salary through fellowship allocations are highly encouraged to apply. Laboratory/experimental costs will be fully covered by the hosting lab. Given the requirement for own funding,  candidates should have an excellent track record from their PhD work or previous postdoctoral position(s).

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Blokesch  by email. Please include a CV, a motivation letter, a ~2 pages project proposal as well as names and email addresses of 2-3 people who agreed to provide recommendation letters.

Motivated candidates at any level bringing their own funding are always encouraged to apply.

Please contact Prof. Blokesch by email for further information.