Blokesch lab – Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology

A network of DNA-uptake pili decorates the surface of a chitin particle colonised by Vibrio cholerae. © David W. Adams - Blokesch lab EPFL 2019

Cell appendages (pili) of Vibrio cholerae are forming networks on chitinous surfaces. See Adams et al. (2019), Nat. Microbiol.

In the Blokesch lab, we are interested in the environmental lifestyle of pathogenic bacteria and their evolvability. We focus primarily on Vibrio cholerae due to its dual lifestyle as the causative agent of cholera and as a common member of aquatic habitats. In order to decipher regulatory networks and molecular mechanisms involved in the pathoecology, we use experimental approaches that bridge the fields of bacterial genetics, infection biology, and microbial ecology. In addition, we are interested in horizontal gene transfer-mediated spread of antimicrobial resistances.


Head of laboratory : Melanie Blokesch 
Office : SV 3529
Phone : +41 21 69 30653
Mail : [email protected]

Administration : Marisa Marciano Wynn
Office : SV 3514
Phone : +41 21 69 37232
Fax : +41 21 693 7220
Mail : [email protected]

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