30/11/2023 A collaborative literature review between Amazentis, NIH and our lab published in Nature Metabolism highlights the role of mitophagy in disease.

15/11/2023 We welcome to our team Ioanna and Saman as post-doctoral scientists and Anna, German, Mert, and Veronika as student assistants.

15/11/2023 Again in 2023, we were selected as a “Highly Cited Researcher”. Thanks to all graduates for the hard work that enabled our continued success!

7/09/2023 Congratulations to Terytty, Qi, Arwen and our team on this fundamental study uncovering the mechanism on how the lysosomes mediate the communication from stressed mitochondria, but not ER, to the nucleus through mTORC1-dependent ATF4 phosphorylation. Click the link to read more about our study on Cell Discovery.

9/08/2023 Congratulations to Alessia, co-authors, and NovMetaPharma for this groundbreaking study, opening new therapeutic options for the treatment of liver diseases! The paper has just been published in the JHEP Reports.

4/07/2023 Congrats to Xiaoxu and our team who pinpointed candidate genes for IBD risk using a combination of mouse systems genetics (BXD) and genetic epidemiology in human UKBB. The paper and its press have just been published in the eLife.

25/05/2023 Our work is ranked #208 in the world and #1 in Switzerland by recognizing us with the Medicine Leader Award for 2023. Congrats to our entire team!

18/05/2023 Congratulations to Tanes on this landmark study linking inhibition of ceramide synthesis with mitochondrial activation and clearance of protein aggregates in skeletal muscle.

08/05/2023 Johan Auwerx delivered the “Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman lecture” at the Saltiel Life Science Symposium on “Aging and age-related diseases” at the University of Michigan on May 8th – Congrats!

31/03/2023 Johan Auwerx, together with a number other hero scientists, will help efforts at Christian Dior to reverse aging. Read here.

15/03/2023 Our recent article demonstrating the importance of genetics in NASH susceptibility is featured in Fibrosis Collection 2023 of the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

14/02/2023 Congratulations to Giorgia and team for dissecting the genetic susceptibility to NASH to an unmatched level of granular detail. This work provides with the PWK/PhJ strain a better animal model for NAFLD/NASH that also develops fibrosis. Press coverage: EPFL, Medical Xpress.

09/02/2023 Jean-David Morel and collaborators showed through a multi-omic approach that the transition between AKI and CKD is determined by genetics and mitochondrial and NAD metabolism, which has just been published in the Journal of clinical investigation insight. Press coverage: EPFL.

01/02/2023 We welcome to our team Jonathan Sulc as a post-doctoral scientist, Alaa Badreddine as a bioinformatics specialist, and Virginie Garnier and Anas Machraoui as student assistants.

30/01/2023 The website of our SenoTarg collaboration, an interdisciplinary network between four Swiss laboratories aimed at understanding cellular senescence, is now available.

20/12/2022 Congratulations to Pirkka-Pekka for this landmark study in “Nature Aging”, which was also covered in a News&Views of the Journal in 2022.

15/11/2022 We again were a “Highly Cited Researcher” in 2022. Thanks to all Auwerx lab graduates! Press coverage: EPFL.

31/10/2022 Check out our latest study showing that increased ATFS-1 translation, mediated by the v-ATPase/TORC1 and lysosomes plays an essential role in mitochondrial stress response and longevity, which has just been published in the Journal of Cell Biology. Congrats to Terytty, Arwen and all co-authors!

17/10/2022 Our last study describing a human genetic variant that affects mitochondrial metabolism and cardiorespiratory fitness is just out in Nature Metabolism! Congrats to Giorgia Benegiamo and all the co-authors.

30/09/2022 Our work on the genetics of aging in the largest-ever mouse longevity study was published in Science Magazine! Great collaboration between EPFL, UTHSC, and the NIH Interventions Testing Program. Congrats to leading authors Maroun Bou Sleiman and Suheeta Roy and all co-authors. Link to paper, perspective in Science by João Pedro de Magalhães, press coverage: EPFL, Nature Journal, The Scientist, Medical News Today, GEN, Le Devoir (French), radio: Maroun on CQFD (RTS).

12/09/2022 Online now! Our work on how genetics and diet control bile acid homeostasis and metabolism is published in Cell Metabolism. Congrats to Hao Li and Alessia Perino!

11/09/2022 We welcome Feng Gao and Johanne Gracia Anne Poisson as new post-doctoral scientists in our team.

01/09/2022 Congratulations to Adrianne Mottis and colleagues for the landmark paper published today (September 1st) in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. It shows a totally novel way of inducing tolerance to infection and inflammation and points to a new potential way to treat lethal infections. The paper was covered in a nice commentary from the Luis Moita laboratory (Tetracyclines: four rings to rule infections through resistance and disease tolerance).

04/08/2022 Dr. Auwerx comments on a recent Nature paper, the story is up here.

29/07/2022 Barbara and Ludger collaborated to show that the IL6/ERK axis controls fatty acid metabolism in skeletal muscle. Read more about it in this Science Advances article.

04/06/2022 Our work on the interplay between high-fat diet, sex and genetic background in 9 CC-Founder mouse strains has been published in iScience. This extensive resource can be explored through an interactive interface. Congrats to all authors: Alexis, Jean-David, Gaby, Sandra, Tanes, Ludger, Sylvain, Marc, Giorgia and Maroun!

04/06/2022 Our lab and our studies on mitochondria and aging are featured on the RTS program “36.9; Sante! Longevity!” (see minute 35).

01/06/2022 We welcome Cheng Choon Ang as a new post-doctoral scientist in our team.

01/04/2022 We welcome Rimjhim Choudhury and Sandra Rodriguez Lopez, two new post-doctoral scientists, to our team.

29/03/2022 Congrats to Johan Auwerx ranked #73 in the world ranking (#2 in Switzerland) of the top 1000 scientists in Biology and Biochemistry for 2022!

17/03/2022 Check out our review article in Nature Aging about the pleiotropic effects of mitochondria in aging. We discuss how defects in mitochondrial stress pathways contribute to the decline in cellular and systemic homeostasis in aging and age-related diseases. You can read more about it here. Congrats to Tanes, Terytty and Adrienne!

09/02/2022 A news article on the French CNRS website features our work on metallomics. Read more about it here (in French).

09/02/2022 Doxycycline induces the UPRmt by different regulators in two genetically divergent C. elegans strains. Check out our new paper in iScience to learn the details! We collaborated with the Coon’s lab and Houtkooper’s lab who provided super cool omics data. Congrats to Arwen, Gaby, Amélia, Terytty, Maroun and all the co-authors from different groups!

01/02/2022 Read our new collaboration, revealing the potential of the metallome, a highly reproducible new ‘omic’ layer. We show, amongst others, that redox-sensitive elements such as iron and copper are particularly associated with aging in the brain and with general fitness and fat percentage in the liver. Congrats to Jean-David and Ludger, and our collaborator Vincent Balter, geologist at ENS Lyon, for this work published in Nature Communications.

28/01/2022 Congratulations to the muscle team in the Auwerx lab. We discovered elevated sphingolipid synthesis in muscular dystrophies. Our publication points towards sphingolipid inhibition as a potential therapeutic avenue in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. You can read more about it here.

13/01/2022 GCN5 maintains muscle integrity, another step closer to understand Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy. Congrats to Hongbo, Dong, Elena, Evan, and Keir for a job well done in the Journal of Cell Biology.

12/12/2021 Tanes collaborated to show the importance of an acute Ca2+ leak in promoting health benefits of exercise. Read more about it here.

10/12/2021 Our lab is one of the beneficiaries of the Swiss Téléthon 2021 against rare diseases. Check out our lab’s portrait on La Télé Vaud Fribourg here (starting 3:13, in French) and consider making a donation here.

09/12/2021 Congratulations to Martin for making it to the cover of Science Translational Medicine’s current issue. Science can be art!

09/12/2021 Counteracting “RNAging” promotes fast muscles to slow aging. Congratulations to Martin for his publication in Science Translational Medicine.

01/12/2021 Welcome to Maxime Nachit, a postdoc who will work on potential therapeutic targets for NASH and CKD using a systems genetics approach.

15/11/2021 Our “STATmiNADage” collaboration with Charles Thomas (Université de Bourgogne) about the interplay of STAT1 signaling, mitochondrial and NAD homeostasis in myeloid cells in chronic inflammation and ageing has been funded by the ANR and SNF.

05/10/2021 Congratulations to Mario on his BioProtocol paper! Read more about it here.

04/10/2021 Congrats to Yasmine Liu for obtaining a Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellowship! Yasmine will combine molecular, biochemical and phenotypic techniques with a multi-omic strategy to determine the therapeutic potential of modulators in NAD+ metabolism against NAFLD/NASH.

01/10/2021 Welcome to Marcelo Mrtvi, a project student who will work on healthspan in the UK Biobank.

01/08/2021 Welcome to Maria Boulougouri, a PhD student who will work will work on integrative approaches in the field of systems genetics.

24/07/2021 Our Sinergia grant received attention in the press. Read more about it here (in Italian).

30/06/2021 Congrats to Qi Wang for obtaining an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship Award! Qi will use multi-omics toolkits to investigate the therapeutic potential and working mechanisms of novel mitochondrial modulators in Alzheimer’s Disease.

02/06/2021 Long overdue and delayed by Covid, we wish a warm welcome to our new arrivals: Barbara Crisol, who will join the muscle-mito team, Qi Wang, who will work on mitochondrial stress response, Yasmine Liu, our new NAD specialist, and Penelope Stefanelli, who will strengthen our technical staff.

07/04/2021 A landmark study led by Peiling Luan and Davide D’Amico that shows the significant attenuation of the progression of Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, a lethal muscle disease, by the mitophagy inducer Urolithin A was published today in Science Translational Medicine.

16/02/2021 Terytty’s work on CBP and mitochondrial stress is featured in an N&V.

08/02/2021 Terytty Li established in a study, published in Nature Aging, the crucial importance of HATs in mediating the mitochondrial stress response thereby further strengthening the link between mitochondria and epigenetics.

25/01/2021 Congrats to all former and current Auwerx lab members; collectively your work gathered over 6000 citations only in 2020 – a first for our lab.

20/01/2021 Congrats to Mario for his study, featured on the EPFL homepage, showing for the first time that muscle aging, very much like brain aging, is characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction and protein aggregates.

19/01/2021 Congratulations Mario on your successful thesis defence.

10/11/2020 Alexis Rapin explains how data integration supports research in personalised medicine at #SRDD2020. Watch here.

29/9/2020 Maroun Bou Sleiman and colleagues establish a multi-tissue trancriptional footprint of aging in mouse and humans; striking species conservation of aging pathways. See the paper here

26/8/2020 Our lab helps to define the role of immune function in aging in two recent papers. Whereas Ludger Goeminne coauthored a study that showed that Gdf15 protects against age-mediated inflammation, Norman Moullan contributed to demonstrate the importance of eosinophils in physical and immunological fitness in old age in another paper.

25/8/2020 Johan Auwerx comments on aging research and the use of urolithin as a way to curb aging in a podcast

6/6/2020 Tanes was taking social distancing seriously; good practice in our lab. See more about the campus reopen here

6/3/2020 Johan contributed to a career advice roundtable at the Keystone meeting. Perhaps there is also some interesting information for you in this blog. 

2/3/2020 Johan Auwerx was interviewed by TheBell. The paper discusses his relationship with NOV, a clinical stage Korean biotech company, that is planning an IPO. 

8/2/2020 Hao Li discussed the use of mouse systems genetics to promote precision medicine in a review article published in Trends in Genetics

27/1/2020 Urolithin A, another product discovered in our lab, aka as “mitopure”, and developed by Amazentis and Timeline Nutrition will soon reach the US market. Read the story in today’s Le Temps

22/1/2020 Congrats to Elena, Mario, and Dina for a heroic review of the burgeoning NAD biology field that was published in Nature Metabolism. Read it here

4/12/2019 Hao Li and colleagues developed a systems toolkit to predict gene functions and module connections using big data. The story was published in Genome research and highlighted in the EPFL website

14/11/2019 Adrienne Mottis and Sebastien Herzig covered the emerging field of mito-cellular communications in a landmark review published today in Science

1/11/2019 We welcome Xiaoxu Li, a new Ph.D. student in our laboratory. 

30/10/2019 We welcome Anna Nakamura, Naho Kitamura and Yoko Yokoyama from the Keio University (Japan) for a 2 months stay. They will work on new natural products. 

28/10/2019 We welcome Tanes Imamura de Lima, a visiting scientist from University of Campinas, Brazil, strengthening our muscle team. 

3/10/2019 A big congrats to Riekelt Houtkooper – a new and happy Professor at the University of Amsterdam. 

20/8/2019 Our lab is being ranked in the top 0.01% related to impact. See detailed information and metrics here

5/8/2019 We welcome Alexis Rapin, a new bioinformatician working on our SDSC project. 

29/7/2019 Johan Auwerx comments on Nagi Biosciences, a spin-out from the laboratory led by Matteo Cornaglia and Laurent Mouchiroud. 

28/6/2019 Congrats to Arwen who won the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) Accelerator grant and gave a wonderful Ted-style talk in Washington DC. 

16/6/2019 Urolithin A, a compound validated from our lab, successfully entered clinical trial. This story was published in Nature Metabolism and was also featured on the EPFL website

1/5/2019 Welcome to Ludger Goeminne, a new post-doctoral scientist from Belgium. 

4/4/2019 Our lab and Janssen started a research collaboration to discover interception targets and modifiers in the domain of aging-related diseases. ”Remarkable and significant partnering for EPFL” says Natalia Giovannini who negotiated the research agreement at EPFL’s TTO. 

3/4/2019 Our work on Urolithin A makes a big step towards wide clinical use as it is being adapted by Nestle Health Sciences in anti-aging strategies. See news here

7/3/2019 Several scientists from the Auwerx lab collaborated with the Naveiras lab and other EPFL teams to show an essential role of NAD in hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis. The work was published in Cell Stem Cell and covered on the EPFL website

1/3/2019 We welcome Sebastien Herzig, a new post-doctoral scientist, to our team. 

5/2/2019 Welcome to Jean-David Morel a new post-doctoral fellow and to Agathe Amouret a trainee from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC). 

4/2/2019 Our lab is proud to be amongst the 3 European founders of the Academy for Health and Lifespan Research (AHLR), a non-profit organisation which will support, promote and lobby for research in health and lifespan; more to follow on February 14th. 

1/2/2019 The startup Nagi Bioscience spinning out from our lab just won the stage III of Venture Kick and raised CHF 130k. See the details here.

30/1/2019 Our lab was featured on Metabiolab. See the details here

27/1/2019 Joe Nadeau and Johan Auwerx describe the fact that mouse experimentation will remain essential for human biology and in particular for drug discovery in a Nature Reviews Drug Discovery piece entitled “The virtuous cycle of human genetics (=observation) and mouse models (=experimentation) in drug discovery. 

11/1/2019 Davide D’Amico published in Molecular Cell a novel pathway to control aging through the RNA-binding protein Pum2 and the mitochondrial fission factor Mff. The work has been highlighted on the EPFL website, as well as on ScienceDaily, EurekAlertMedicalNewsToday, and an interview from Super Human Radio

1/1/2019 Welcome to Rita Heiniger, a new secretary. 

22/12/2018 Congrats to Laura Lukjanenko for the EPFL doctoral prize for 2018. 

28/11/2018 Clarivate analytics, which runs the Web of Science, ranked Johan Auwerx in the top 1% by citations in the category of “Cross-Field”, thereby making him a “Highly Cited Researcher”. In an independent analysis by Google Scholar, he was also listed on position 438 out of the 3160 scientists with an h-index >100.

2/11/2018 Elena Katsyuba has been awarded the ‘EPFL Outstanding PhD Thesis Distinction in Biotechnology and Bioengineering’ for her PhD thesis defended during the past academic year. Congratulations on your outstanding work! It is awarded every year to the 8% best PhD theses of each EPFL Doctoral Program.

1/11/2018 Welcome to Wen Gao, a new postdoctoral researcher, and Fabiana Fraga, a trainee joining the lab. 

25/10/2018 Elena Katsyuba together with colleagues from the EPFL, UNIL, HUG, and TES pharma, published today a landmark study, identifying a new druggable enzyme to boost NAD levels in kidney and liver in the prestigious journal Nature. The work was highlighted on the EPFL website and in the News & Views in Nature, as well ascovered by many newspapers, including Le Temps, and Myscience.

3/9/2018 Welcome to Dina Hofer and Giorgia Bengiamo, two new post-doctoral fellows, who will join the mouse genetics team.  Also welcome to Raquel Borja, a graduate student, and Chiara Auwerx, a master student, in the mitochondria group. 

1/8/2018 Through a collaborative effort with the Aebersold lab, we characterised the mitochondrial proteome across 5 tissues. 

5/7/2018 Two landmark papers in Cell Systems define the genetic underpinnings of lipid metabolism in liver and plasma

4/7/2018 Johan Auwerx was featured in the Petit Larousse illustre 2019

23/5/2018 Our research on pomegranate was featured in the NZZ

13/5/2018 An interview with Johan Auwerx illustrating his current view on mitochondria, proteostasis, and aging. 

9/5/2018 The worm microfluidics platform receives some media coverage from La CroixLe JDDLe Dauphiné libéréSRFNature Sciencs Santé, BFMTVBilan, and RTS

27/4/2018 Alexis Bachmann and Mario Romani passed their doctoral candidacy exam. Congrats Alexis and Mario! 

25/4/2018 An interview with Johan Auwerx was published in the Journal of Cell Biology, providing some insight about the how and why of our research.

24/4/2018 Vera Lemos brilliantly passed her PhD thesis defence in Porto. Congratulations Dr. Lemos!

19/4/2018 A study with the laboratory of Minho Shong, which shows the link between macrophage mitochondrial function and insulin resistance, published in Nature Communications is the fruit of a Global Research Laboratory (GRL), a collaborative grant sponsored by the Korean National science foundation.

14/4/2018 Two collaborative papers from the lab address key aspects of Brown Adipose Tissue signalling, underscoring the impact of ERRgamma (Cell Reports) and RGS14 (Aging Cell), respectively. Congrats to Pooja Jha and Elena Katsyuba.

13/4/2018 A review from the lab in Development discusses mitochondrial function in stem cells.

22/2/2018 In new collaborative work published in eLife, Hao Li contributed to identify a new role of GRAM domain containing proteins in ER-plasma membrane contacts.

31/1/2018  It is with sadness that I announce that Arno Motulsky, one of my post-doctoral mentors at the University of Washington, has passed away. Dr. Motulsky ignited my interest in genetics and served as a role model during my career as a scientist.

24/1/2018  In a TV report, Johan Auwerx and Laurent Mouchiroud appeared in the popular Swiss program “A bonentendeur” broadcasted on RTS1. Click here to watch the video talking about the role of pomegranate as promising anti-aging fruit (Johan Auwerx and Laurent Mouchiroud interview are provided in French).

06/12/2017 Using a bioinformatics and experimental approach, Vincenzo Sorrentino and colleagues have found that rendering mitochondria resistant to damage can halt diseases caused by amyloid toxicity, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The study is published in Nature and has been covered in the front page of EPFL website as well as in Le Temps (here and here), 24 heuresLe Monde and La Vanguardia

29/11/2017 An article by Hao Li and colleagues, published today in Cell Systems, describes a series of novel systems genetics tools ( to identify new links between genes and phenotypes. This paper was mentioned in the front page of EPFL website.  

28/11/2017 A study from our laboratory by Olli and Maroun, published in Nature Communications, indicates that both chromatin and mitochondrial stress are monitored by chromatin remodeling and activate a cytosolic stress response. 

2/11/2017 A warm welcome to Terytty Yang Li and Changmyung Oh, two postdoc scientists joining the lab. 

2/11/2017 Xu WANG published today in Molecular Cell, that the mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt), a mitochondrial protein quality control pathway, is well conserved from animals to plants and that plant hormones play a central role in regulating mitochondrial proteotoxic stress. This study suggests that mitochondria are probable stress-sensors in plant response to biotic or abiotic stresses. See the EPFL news here

2/11/2017 The spin-off project Nagi Bioscience co-delveopped in our lab is featured today in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps (in French). You can read the article online here or on the today’s paper version of the journal in the science section. 

26/9/2017 The LSS Frontiers in Metabolism co-organized by Johan Auwerx and Kristina Schoonjans and other colleagues at the EPFL was a great success with top science and many “happy” attendees. . 

20/9/2017 Johan Auwerx was awarded on Sept 19, 2017 the 5th Helmholtz Diabetes Award in Munich. Thereby Johan joins the rank of the 4 previous prestigious awardee’s Jef Friedman, Ron Kahn, Bruce Spiegelman, and Steve O’Rahilly. Check the pictures taken during the lecture here and here, and the interview video here, as well the news in EPFL SV news. 

18/9/2017 Mitobridge today licensed important technology in the NAD+ field, developed in our laboratory, from the EPFL. See more about this news covered in Mitobridgehere and in EPFL here

10/9/2017 Davide D’Amico and Vincenzo Sorrentino review how mitochondrial and cytosolic proteostatic networks cross talk in Trends in Biochemical Sciences

31/5/2017 A multi-omics study by Pedro Moral Quiros identifying ATF4 as a key mediator of mitochondrial stress in humans published today in Journal of Cell Biology.

19/5/2017 Frontiers in Metabolism 2017–”From systems physiology to precision medicine”, a symposium, co-organised by EPFL & EMBO Press, will be held from October 24 to October 26, 2017 (2.5 days) at the EPFL campus. It is chaired by Prof. Johan Auwerx.

3/4/2017 We welcome Dohyun Park, a new postdoc researcher, joining the lab.

27/3/2017 Laurent Mouchiroud received the FENRIV Prize from the president of the Egon-Naef Foundation, Marcel Naef, at a ceremony in Geneva on Saturday March 25th, 2017. This prize rewards Swiss researchers who develop alternative methods to limit the use of animal testing in scientific research. Click here to check the news from EPFL.

13/3/2017 Olli Matilainen and Pedro M. Quirós published a review on the intriguing link between Mitochondria and Epigenetics in Trends in Cell Biol.

13/3/2017 A warm welcome to Pirkka-Pekka Laurila, a new postdoc researcher from Finland.

1/3/2017 We welcome two PhD student to our lab: Alexis Bachmann will start working on systems genetics of metabolism, and Mario Romani will join the project of mitochondria and lipid metabolism.

28/2/2017 In a new TV report, Johan Auwerx and Laurent Mouchiroud appeared in the popular french program « Tout Compte Fait” broadcasted on France 2. Click here to watch the video talking about the role of pomegranate as promising anti-aging fruit (Johan Auwerx and Laurent Mouchiroud interview are provided in French, starting at 15’).

5/2/2017 Johan Auwerx and Laurent Mouchiroud appeared in the television programme broadcasted on Swiss TV tonight (RSI). Click here to watch the video talking about aging and pomegranate (Johan Auwerx and Laurent Mouchiroud interview are provided in Italian, starting at 21’).

1/2/2017 We welcome Ziari Naveed, a trainee from UCLA.

21/12/2016 In a collaborative paper published in the Journal of Cell Biology, Dongryeol Ryu from our group together with the group of Prof. Minho Shong, discovered a new myo-mitokine with important implications in metabolic control.

1/12/2016 In a joint study between the UNIL, NIHS, and Pooja Jha and Xu Wang (EPFL), published today in Cell Metabolism, we have shown that exercise enhances supercomplex formation in the mitochondria of human muscles. This work constitutes the human translation of an earlier study in mice and suggests that exercise can have major metabolic benefits. This study was covered on Swiss TV, Radio, as well as website of Unil, and Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences.

1/12/2016 A warm welcome to Francesca Potenza, who joined the lab as a master student. 

31/10/2016 Johan Auwerx received the 2016 Marcel Benoist prize from the president of the Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Amann at a ceremony at the Rolex Center. Check the pictures taken during the ceremony here and here

20/10/2016 A landmark study by Dongryeol Ryu and colleagues, published today in Science Translational Medicine, demonstrates that NAD+ treatment can reverse the functional decline in degenerating muscles of worms and mouse models of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, offering some hope to patients. This paper has been covered in Medical Xpress, ScienceDaily, EurekAlert, Daily MailHealth Medicine Network, Health Canal, La Côte, RTS, and also mentioned on the front page of the EPFL website. A radio interview of Laurent Mouchiroud for the RTS (in French) can be found here

03/10/2016 Evan Williams is the awardee of the very competitive 2016 EPFL doctorate awards for his thesis work on systems genetics.

03/10/2016 A warm welcome to Maroun Bou Sleiman, who joined the lab as a postdoc scientist. 

27/09/2016 Johan Auwerx is the Laureat of the Prix Marcel Benoist 2016. The president of the Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Amman, who is the chairman of the Fondation Marcel Benoist, received Johan Auwerx in Berne to congratulate him for the award. The award ceremony will be on October 31st at the EPFL. Check the news on the website of Swiss government, as well as front page of EPFL.

31/08/2016 Our work was featured in the science section of Le Monde. 

03/08/2016 Our laboratory is in the top 10 of the best performing EU Cell Biology laboratories. Click here to read the details.

13/07/2016 Congratulations to Karim Gariani who won the Hepatology prize of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology!

11/07/2016 Our laboratory identified the pomegrenade compound Urolithin A as a powerful mitophagy inducer that extend lifespan in C.elegans and muscle function in rodents. This work was a collaboration with Amazentis, a biotech in the EPFL biotech park. This paper was published in Nature Medicine, and received coverage in popular press, including New Scientist, ScienceDaily, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The LocalYahoo, Medical News Today, Medical Xpress, EurekAlert, Reuters, SBS, Financial Times, Business Wire, Daily Sabah, M2 Magazine (in English); 20 Minutes, Le Temps, 24 heures, Le Matin, Bilan, Sciences et Avenir, RTS (in French); Tages-Anzeiger, Der Bund, NZZ am Sonntag, Schweizer Bauer (in German); La Celosía,, El Correo (in Spanish); as well as the front page of EPFL website.

25/06/2016 Johan Auwerx interviewed for ICI Radio-Canada on the development of reprogramming stem cells metabolism (in French).

16/06/2016 Johan Auwerx is the Swiss scientist of the month

09/06/2016 A collaborative study from our team with the Aebersold lab, which showed the importance of a transomics approach to bridge the gap between gene (DNA) and phenotype (disease) in a mouse reference population, was published today in Science. This paper received a wide coverage in popular press, including ScienceDaily, News Detailansicht (German), El Economista (Spanish), Times of India, as well as the front page of EPFL and ETHZ website.

24/05/2016 Congratulations to Vincenzo Sorrentino who received the EPFL Fellowship co-funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie.

23/05/2016 Welcome to Sophie You, and Aashima Goyal, two new summer students from the UC Berkeley and the IIT, New Dehli. 

19/05/2016 Cell published today a collaboration between the Dillin laboratory (UC Berkeley) and Virginija Jovaisaite in our laboratory showing how 2 conserved histone demethylases epigenetically regulate mitochondrial stress induced longevity. This study was covered in a perspective in Cell, featured in the popular press, including in GEN, and was also mentioned on UC Berkeley website. 

28/04/2016 An article by Hongbo Zhang and colleagues, published today in Science, demonstrates that NAD levels are reduced and that mitochondria are dysfunctional in aging stem cells (SC). Restoring NAD levels with the vitamin, nicotinamide riboside (NR), repairs the mitochondrial defects and prevents age-related SC decline, while increasing mouse lifespan, even when NR treatment is started late in life. This paper has been covered in Newsweek, Science Daily, 24 Heures (French), 20 minutes (French), Ouest-France (French), Yahoo (French), Le Matin (French), RTS (French), Sciences et Avenir (French), NetEase (Chinese), Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, The Guardian Nigeria, and also mentioned on the front page of EPFL and U of Ottawa website. Johan Auwerx received radio interviews from the RTS (in French) and ICI Radio-Canada (in French), and a video interview from La Télé (in French). 

23/04/2016 A warm welcome to Tao Lin, Lisa Vrijens, and Mario Romani who joined the laboratory as master students.

22/04/2016 We are co-organising a Latsis EPFL Symposium on “Multicellular organisms in microfluidic systems”, which will be held at EPFL November 14-16, 2016. Registrations are open:

21/04/2016 PNAS published a paper in which Dongryeol Ryu, together with a team at Cornell, showed that SIRT5 is having a major role in determining heart function. This paper received some interest in the lay press.

20/04/2016 Hongbo Zhang collaborated on a Cell Reports paper showing the importance of the acetyl transferase KAT2B in pancreatic beta-cell adaptation to ER stress.

24/03/2016 We published an important review defining the novel domain of “Mitonuclear Communication” in Nature Reviews in Molecular Cell Biology.

24/03/2016 Congratulations to Hongbo Zhang who won a LIMNA travel grant to present his work at an upcoming Keystone meeting.

12/03/2016 Reproducible BN-PAGE analysis of mitochondrial complexes and supercomplexes made possible by a rigorous protocol published by Pooja Jha and Xu Wang.

15/02/2016 The EPFL website and the Swiss French Radio (RTS) announced the publication of a paper on an innovative microfluidic platform for the study of neurodegenerative diseases in C. elegans – the fruit of a collaboration between Laurent Mouchiroud and Matteo Cornaglia.

06/02/2016 Our lab contributed to the effort of Rob Williams to use the BXD genetic reference population for reverse genetic analysis at the systems level. Manuscript can be found here

21/01/2016 Johan Auwerx appeared in the television programme broadcasted on norvegian TV tonight. Click here to watch the video “Exercise in a pill” (Johan Auwerx interview is provided in English).

13/12/2015 A new article resuming and commenting our recent study on the role of NR in NASH prevention and cure was published in Hepatology

23/11/2015 Johan Auwerx has joined the Journal of Cell Biology (JBC) editorial board. Click here to read the press release. 

14/11/2015 Congratulations to Karim Gariani who won the Prize 2015 of the Fondation Romande pour la Recherche sur le Diabète! Click here to read the press release (in French).

10/11/2015 An artistic representation of a microfluidic device developped by Matteo Cornaglia of the Gijs lab and Laurent Mouchiroud published earlier in Scientific Reportswon the “Art in Science Award” at MicroTAS in South Korea.

27/10/2015 Congratulations to Keir Menzies, Hongbo Zhang and Elena Katsyuba whose review was published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology today! It discusses the role of reversible acetylation in metabolic control and different metabolites and cofactors governing this process via alteration of KATs/KDACs activity.

01/10/2015 A collaborative effort of our team and Professor S.Vatner group (Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA) has been published in Aging Cell today. This paper provides eidence that type 5 adenylate cyclase loss-of-function improves exercise capacity.

24/09/2015 Our new article by Karim Gariani et al. has been just published in Hepatology. It reports that replenishing liver NAD+ stocks can prevent and reverse the development ofnon-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most common cause of chronic liver disease in western countries. The study was highlighted on Congratulations to the whole team!

23/09/2015 A new review article co-authored by Xu Wang and Dongryeol Ryu and discussing the negative impacts of antibiotic use has been chosen as one of the highlights of the October issue of BioEssays. Click here to watch the video where Professor Auwerx disscusses why antibiotics should be used wisely. 

20/08/2015 A slightly late but warm welcome to Gopal Krishnamani, a Master Student from STI, and Virginie Peter, a Master Student from Medicine, to our group!

07/07/2015 A new review article by our group was published in Cell MetabolismIt discusses the role of NAD+ in energy homeostasis control. Congratulations to the two first co-authors Keir Menzies and Carles Canto!

03/07/2015 The perspective of Johan Auwerx and Evan Williams on genetic research models and for a more efficient way forward in the combined analysis of population datasets and genetically-modified models has been published in the most recent issue of Cell (here; requires subscription until open access starts on 3 July 2016).

02/07/2015 The Auwerx laboratoryhas established a collaborationwith Prof. Roberto Pellicciari and TES Pharma (start-up from Perugia, Italy) aiming to test novel compounds to treat metabolic and aging-related diseases. Press releases in French (here), Italia (here) and Spanish (here).

17/06/2015 Congratulations to Laurent Mouchiroud and his collaborator Matteo Cornaglia from the Laboratoy of Microsystems for having being ranked in the “Top 10 Business Ideas” of the 2015 competition. Their project aims to build the first automated microfluidic-based platform for high-content screening on worms. “Venture” 2015 is an initiative of the ETH Zurich, Knecht Holding, the innovation promotion agency CTI and McKinsey & Company, Switzerland. The Swiss-wide business idea competition supports young entrepreneurs in founding a company.

22/05/2015 Another manuscript by our group has been published in Hepatology Journal. This study describes how Akt-mediatedNCoR1 phosphorylation orchestrates NCoR1 recruitment to different nuclear receptors and selectively modulates liver energy metabolism.

08/05/2015 We have published an article in Scientific Reports todayon examining C. elegansin microfluidic chambers, with implications for both drug development and examining fundamental questions in biology. This biotechnology collaboration between the laboratories of Johan Auwerx and Martin Gijs at the EPFL was headed by Laurent Mouchiroud and Matteo Cornaglia. 

13/03/2015 An important paper by Norman Moullan, Laurent Mouchiroud et al. was published in Cell Reports today. This work, reporting the negative effects of antibiotics (tetracyclines) on mitochondrial function, received a wide coverage in popular press (e.g. The ScientistTribune de Genève24 heures). It has been also mentioned on the front page of the EPFL web-site. A radio interview of Laurent Mouchiroud for the RTS (in French)can be found here and here

12/03/2015 Congratulations to Hongbo Zhang who was awarded a Carigest Doctoral Scholarship.

02/02/2015 A warm welcome to Davide D’Amico, a new post-doc researcher who joined our UPRmt team.

05/01/2015 We welcome Hao Li, a new graduate student who will begin his work in our group on population genetics and metabolic diseases.

29/11/2014 Congratulations to Johan Auwerx, who has been included on the list of 400 most influential biomedical researchers in a recent study based on several factors, including h-index and citation count. The paper and its methods can be read here.

14/11/2014 Congratulations to Evan Williams, who has completed the doctoral defense of his thesis today, entitled “A Systems Approach to Identify Genetic and Environmental Regulators of Metabolism.” We welcome Evan into the next stage of his career as a scientist. 

4/11/2014 The Auwerx lab continues its work in sirtuin genes, with a paper on Sirt7 by Dongryeol Ryu et al. coming out today in Cell Metabolism.

3/11/2014 We welcome Vincenzo Sorrentino, a post-doctoral researcher, to our research team.

21/10/2014 The Auwerx laboratory welcomes Pooja Jha, a new post-doctoral researcher in our laboratory, coming from a background working on the metabolic health of the liver. 

20/10/2014 The web site of the Lausanne Integrative Metabolism and Nutrition Alliance (LIMNA) was created at this address:

You can check the agenda for all the upcoming events by clicking here.

5/10/2014 Our congratulations to Laurent Mouchiroud, a postdoc in our laboratory who has recieved the Fondation Latsis Internationale award for his work in aging in C. elegans (more details here). This prestigious award is given once yearly across all faculties at the EPFL for postdocs and other scientists beginning their careers (details here).

4/10/2014 Our congratulations to Amandine Nicolet who recieved the Prize from the Faculty of Life Sciences for the Best Master Project in Molecular Medicine. Click here to see the official photo of Amandine with the Dean of SV faculty Gisou Van Der Goot. 

25/09/2014 A manuscript by Evan Williams and others in our research group has been published today at PLoS Genetics. In this manuscript, we located and validated that the gene Ahr plays a role in spontaneous movement activity in a tremendous range of organisms — all the way from C. elegans, to Drosophila, to mammals. 

11/09/2014 A paper by Yibo Wu at ETHZ and Evan Williams in our laboratory is published today in Cell (link). This study makes use of advances in systems proteomics developed at ETHZ to identify new factors leading to metabolic diseases. Using this approach, a novel association was identified between the gene Dhtkd1 and diabetes, linked through the metabolite 2-aminoadipate. Strikingly, lower levels of this metabolite are also associated with diabetes in a human population study performed at CHUV. Several other leads between genetic variants and disease were also identified in the BXD mouse population that mirror human diseases, such as Maple Syrup Urinary Disease, an inborn error of amino acid metabolism. A press summary of this article can be found on the front page of the EPFL (link). 

04/09/2014 A paper by Dongryeol Ryu et al. is published in Cell Metabolism. This study unravels the role of SIRT7 in regulation of mitochondrial homeostasis, which is fulfilled via deacetylation of GABPβ1, a master regulator of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes.

01/09/2014 We start this September month by welcoming three new team members: Pedro Moral Quiros, a postdoc who is joining the UPRmt project, as well as two intern students Amadine Nicolet and Sophie Rivara who will work with the NAD team. 

29/07/2014 Giuseppe Lo Sasso and colleagues identify novel roles of both SIRT1 and SIRT2 in intestinal function in 2 papers in PLoS One. 

13/06/2014 A recent study of ours has been published in Scientific Reports which details our unique screening platform for identifying drugs which modulate mitochondrial activity. 

02/06/2014 Welcome to Tiffany Amariuta, a summer intern from MIT taking part in a new internship program at the EPFL for US and Canadian students.

15/05/2014 Together with the laboratory of Reuben Shaw, we have published a comprehensive review in Cell Metabolism detailing the gene and environmental interaction networks that influence metabolic homeostasis, and how these interactions affect the development of disease.

09/05/2014 A hat-trick! Three papers which our team collaborated on define the therapeutic use of NAD+ boosting. (See them online in Cell MetabolismCell Metabolism and EMBO Mol Med).

06/05/2014 Norman Moullan co-authors with the group of Martin Gijs a paper on a new microscopy technique. This is also the first engineering paper of the laboratory – definitely not the last. The work was featured on the cover of one of the prime nanotechnology journal Small.

01/05/2014 LIMNA has selected a new logo. Click here to discover it.

10/04/2014 Today, the hirsch-index of Professor Auwerx passed 100, a landmark number, according to the Thomson-Rueter’sWeb of Science. This h-index indicates that at least 100 papers have been cited at least 100 times, and we are all proud that our work is well appreciated by our peers.

11/02/2014Mitokyne, a start-up company co-founded by Johan Auwerx and focused on the treatment of mitochondrial diseases, isfeatured amongst the top 10 start-up companies of 2013by Nature Biotechnology (read highlight here).

03/02/2014 We welcome Eduardo Rochete Ropelle, a visiting Professor from Brazil, to our team!

01/02/2014 The paper “Sirtuin 1-mediated Effects of Exercise and Resveratrol on Mitochondrial Biogenesis” by Keir Menzies, a postdoc in our laboratory, was selected as the best Metabolism paper of the year by The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

01/01/2014 The New Year has started and we welcome two new people to our group: Olli Matilainen, a new postdoc joining C.elegans team and Karim Gariani who will start his PhD in our lab.

21/11/2013 We have activated an R01 grant from the NIH for continuing our work on aging in a genetically diverse population study, together with Robert Williams at the University of Tennessee. We have recently received some public coverage of this grant (e.g. Memphis Business Journal).

16/11/2013 Elena Katsyuba, a PhD student from our team, won the Prize 2013 of Fondation Romande pour la Recherche sur le Diabète. Click here for the press release of the Fondation (in French).

16/11/2013 An important collaborative study by Pénélope Andreux together with Seiko Ishida, a postdoc from the team of Professor Douglas Hanahan, has been published in PNAS. This study reports that copper in drinking water accelerates tumor growth in mice. Since the copper concentrations used in this study did not exceed the maximum levels accepted in public water supplies, this paper raised a wide response in popular press (24 HeuresScience DailyStudent Magazine)

12/11/2013 Professor Johan Auwerx is awarded a degree honoris causa by the University Blaise Pascal, Clemont-Ferrand (France) together with François Englert and Jean Kaempfer. Click here for more details, or here for a photograph of the event with other receipients of the award.

04/11/2013 Mitokyne, a start-up cofounded by Professor Auwerx, has signed a 45 million dollar research agreement with the Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas. The main focus of Mitokyne is the development of molecules to treat diseases affecting mitochondrial function. This topic is covered in more detail on the front page of the EPFL website

14/10/2013 We welcome a new member to our team: Vera Lemos, an exchange PhD student from Portugal, who will work on LRH-1 project.

01/10/2013 We welcome a new postdoc, Xu Wang, to our team, an Arabidopsis and proteomics specialist.

17/09/2013 We welcome two new students: Amandine Nicolet will start her master project in our lab and Silas Kieser will do his internship as a bachelor student.

09/08/2013 Another major publication in our laboratory, by L. Mouchirod, R. Hootkooper et al., has been released in Cell concerning the mitochondrial unfolded protein response and its effects on lifespan, notably with effects via the sirtuin / NAD pathway. See the publication itself for more details.

28/05/2013 Professor Auwerx received the Nutrition et Santé Science Award for Obesity Research (France). This award recognises the achievements of originators of academic research work for prevention and treatment of obesity. See more details in press release (in French).

24/05/2013 Our congratulations to Pénélope Andreux, who has brilliantly passed her Ph.D. defense! We rewelcome Dr. Andreux into our laboratory in a new status of post-doc while she finishes up her work on mito-platform.

23/05/2013 A major publication by our laboratory, headed by L. Mouchiroud and R. Houtkooper, was published today in Nature. This paper reveals a new mechanism in the complex relationship between longevity and mitochondrial stress response and has already received some popular press (e.g. The Scientist, Huffington Post, Le Temps (French), La Parisienne (French), RTS (French), NOS (Dutch), NU (Dutch), C2W (Dutch), Volkskrant (Dutch)). The video is now on the front page of the EPFL website.

13/05/2013 An important review on pharmacological approaches restoring mitochondrial function by Pénélope Andreux was published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

1/05/2013 We welcome Tarik Ouhmad, a bachelor student in Communication Systems, who will do an internship in our lab.

15/04/2013 The Journal of Genes and Development has published a review by Adrienne Mottis and Laurent Mouchiroud on the role of NCoR1 and SMRT in homeostasis.

28/02/2013 Professor Auwerx has given two prize lectures last month month, the Glenn Lecture at MIT, on mitochondrial function and aging, and the Umesono Memorial Lecture at the Salk Institute on mitochondrial homeostasis and the regulation of metabolism and longevity. 

13/02/2013 We welcome two new collaborators to the lab: Alessia Perino and Carolina Hagberg, both of whom will work on TGR5.

21/01/2013 Many congratulations to Mitsunori Nomura, who has passed his Ph.D. defense! We welcome him into our laboratory now as a post-doc while he finishes up work on TGR5.

14/01/2013 We welcome a new postdoc, Keir Menzies, to the laboratory, and we re-welcome Adrienne Mottis, who will begin her stay as a graduate student in the lab. Also, a very belated welcome to Jef Verbeek, an exchange graduate student from Belgium.

10/01/2013 Two recent collaborative studies have highlighted the role of estrogen-related (ERR) nuclear receptors in muscle function (in FASEB J and Mol Cell Bio).

27/12/2012 Masters students interested in a position in the Auwerx/Schoonjans laboratory for their thesis project or semester project are invited to check our open positions page for details on potential projects. Interested bachelors students may also apply.

15/10/2012 The Journal of Cell Biology has published a review by Riekelt Houtkooper discussing different means of NAD+ modulation and how it can be translated into clinical applications.

19/09/2012 Three recent collaborative efforts with our laboratory have been published, one study onregulation of energy control via bile acids, one study on the relationship between cancer and oxidative phosphorylation, and the other on the genetics of sleep.

30/08/2012 Cell has published a significant paper by Pénélope Andreux and Evan Williams on the new method involving murine genetic reference populations (GRPs) as a source for studying metabolic homeostasis. The paper illustrates how the use of this method reveals a bone-weakening mechanism.Seethe front page of the EPFL website for more details.

02/08/2012 Beginning a busy August, we welcome five new members to our lab: two doctoral students, Virginija Jovaisaite and Pan Xu, two postdocs, Young-Suk Jo and Géraldine Canny, and one short-term scientific collaborator, Dennis Dahlmans.

23/07/2012 Penelope Andreux has given a presentation (in French) last month to high school students interested in studying science about the functions of mitochondria and their relation to overall metabolism.

09/07/2012 The Journal of Clinical Investigation has published a paper by Maaike Oosterveer et al. on the role of Liver receptor homolog 1 (LRH-1) in hepatic intermediary metabolism.

20/06/2012 “Science! on tourne”: Prof. Auwerx participated in public debate (in French) about the future of performance-enhancing drugs in human sports. Watch the stream here.

18/06/2012 PLoS One has published a collaborative study by Daniel Ciobanu et al., where the BXD model was exploited to show the interaction between the gut microbiome and the host genome.

15/06/2012 Congratulations to Evan Williams, who won the Best Presentation by a Graduate Student award at the CTC Meeting in Paris. His presentation illustrates the BXD mouse genetic reference population as a strong model for study of clinical and metabolic traits, such as alkaline phosphatase.

11/06/2012 Cell Metabolism has published a significant paper by Carles Canto et. al on the effects of nicotinamide riboside on sirtuin function and metabolism. This paper has been widely covered in the popular press (e.g. Huffington PostLe Temps, Le Figaro, Nieuwsblad, Vilt, Femina, Huffington Post, Le Matin, Science Daily, Daily Mail, Swiss Info, 20 Minutes, De Morgen, Het Belang Van Limburg). Full explanation on youtube.

6/06/2012 Scientific Reports has published two papers by our group:one by Pablo Fernandez on Sirt3 showing the absence of an effect of Sirt3 on liver and muscle. The other paper, by Taoufiq Harach, shows that commonly-used bile acid binding resins affect metabolism through TGR5. 

10/05/2012 Nature Reviews has published a review by Riekelt Houtkooper and Eija Pirinen on sirtuins as regulators of metabolism and health.

25/04/2012We welcome a new technician, Danielle Brandalise, to our team.

5/03/2012We welcome Jef Verbeek to the team, a guest PhD student who will work on bile acid homeostasis over the next six months.

1/02/2012 We welcome Julien Zaldivar and Hongbo Zhang to the team as PhD students.

7/12/2011Cell Metabolism has published a paper by Thijs Pols and Mitsunori Nomura from our laboratory on the positive effect of 10/01/2012 We received a short news segment in Television Suisse Romande on the Cell Metabolism paper published in December which can be watched here (French).

7/12/2011Cell Metabolism has published a paper by Thijs Pols and Mitsunori Nomura from our laboratory on the positive effect of TGR5 activation on macrophage inflammation and atherosclerosis. There has been quite some popular press on this article, including on Le TempsLe Matin, and 20 Minutes

11/11/2011 Cell has published a significant paper on NCoR1 by Hiroyasu Yamamoto in our group, as well as another collaborative work on NCoR1 in the same issue. The story has been widely covered in popular media (e.g. ABC NewsLe Temps) as well as the front page of the EPFL website. The story has also been covered at Dailymail, The Telegraph, Fox NewsCBC News, Medical Net, Gizmodo, TruthDive, Europa Press (Spanish), Nord Bayern (German), Blitz (Italian), Rianovosti (Russian), Pikiran Rakyat (Indonesian), Tribune de Geneve (French), 20 Minutes (German & French), Tages Anzeiger (German), Walliser Bote (German), 24 Heures (French), South CN (Chinese), Ziarul de iasi (Romanian), Bioscience Technology, and Le Monde (French).

02/11/2011 Cell Metabolism publishes a collaborative paper of the Schrauwen group in Maastricht with the Auwerx lab on the metabolic health effects of resveratrol supplementation on obese men. The paper is published as cover story and could have important implications for the treatment of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. See also coverage in The GuardianTimeThe TelegraphThe Washington PostDaily MailUSA Today.

31/10/2011Scientific Reports publishes an Auwerx lab paper on the characterization of aging mice, and the identification of metabolic aging biomarkers.

25/10/2011PNAS publishes a collaborative paper with the Milbrandt lab (Washington University, St. Louis) on the role of SIRT2 in myelination.

01/10/2011 We welcome Elena Katsyuba to the team as a PhD student.

22/09/2011 Nature publishes a commentary by Johan Auwerx and Carles Canto on the high-profile paper by David Gems and colleagues, who contest the lifespan extension by SIRT1 overexpression. See also the reply by the Guarente group and further discussion at Technology Review, Fierce Biotech, NZZ (in German).

14/08/2011Nature Cell Biology publishes a collaborative paper of Johan Auwerx with former Auwerx-lab fellow Lluis Fajas, on the role of E2F1 in regulating oxidative metabolism.

13/08/2011Physiology publishes a review by Carles Canto and Johan Auwerx on the role of AMPK as an energy sensor.

12/08/2011EMBO Reports publishes an Auwerx lab paper describing how CREB and ChREBP regulate SIRT1

25/07/2011 We welcome Adrienne Mottis to the team. Adrienne will do a master project on PARPs and mitochondrial function.

15/06/2011 We welcome Sylvie Timmers to our team. Sylvie will work as a guest PhD student for 6 months on the mitochondrial projects.

11/06/2011Science-Business eXchange publishes an interview with prof. Auwerx and others about the current LRH-1 research of Dr. David Moore.

01/05/2011 We welcome Matthias Stein to the team. Matthias will work on the LRH-1 projects.

06/04/2011 Cell Metabolism publishes two papers from the Auwerx lab —in collaboration with Peter Bai and colleagues in Hungary— on the role of PARP proteins in metabolism. Knockout mice for PARP1 or PARP2 have increased energy expenditure which is mediated through SIRT1. Both papers formed the subject of a Preview in Cell Metabolism and could have important implications for the treatment of mitochondrial diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

01/04/2011 We welcome Sooraj Ratnakumar to the lab. Sooraj will work on the acetyltransferase projects.

01/03/2011 We welcome Adriano Maida to the lab. Adriano will work as a postdoc on the TGR5 projects.

18/02/2011 The work of the Auwerx lab is discussed in “10vor10” on Swiss TV (SF, in German).

20/01/2011 Article in Outside magazine, mainly on the work of the Evans group on increasing exercise capacity. Prof. Auwerx is interviewed on the work on resveratrol.

05/01/2011Article on the first successful clinical development of a product discovered by our laboratory, by a company spun out of our lab (in French): a fat burner developed thanks to our studies on the bile acid activated GPCR, TGR5.

01/01/2011 We welcome Giuseppe Lo Sasso to the team. Giuseppe will work as a postdoc on both sirtuins and TGR5, especially in relation to the intestine

01/12/2010 We welcome Laurent Mouchiroud to the team. Laurent will work as a postdoc on the link between metabolism and lifespan.

03/11/2010 Work by the Auwerx lab is covered twice in the October issue of Reflex magazine (click here and here)

01/11/2010 We welcome Thibaud Clerc to the team. Thibaud will work as a technician.

29/10/2010 On October 31st, prof Auwerx will give the Hans Popper Basic Science State-of-the-Art lecture at The Liver Meeting.

Update (11-10-2010): The full lecture can be viewed here.

09/10/2010 Carles Cantó is awarded the Latsis Prize for his groundbreaking work on the identification and characterization of the signaling pathways that connect AMPK and SIRT1 and that determine metabolic adaptation to energy stress.

07/10/2010 Johan Auwerx and Kristina Schoonjans are awarded the Windaus Prize from the Dr. Falk Foundation for their discovery of signaling/endocrine function of bile acids.

06/10/2010Cell Metabolism publishes an Auwerx-lab review on the link between histone methylation and metabolism.

01/10/2010 Prof. Auwerx interviewed for “La Télé” on the link between nutrition and metabolism (in French)

27/09/2010 A new review on AMPK by Carles Cantó and Johan Auwerx is published in CMLS.

16/09/2010Radio Suisse Romande interviews prof. Auwerx on the beneficial effects of resveratrol (in French; starts at 12min16).

14/09/2010Developmental Cell publishes a preview by Pablo Fernandez-Marcos and Johan Auwerx on a recent Nature paper on pRb regulating switches on cell fate.

01/09/2010 We welcome Dongryeol Ryu to the team. Dongryeol will work as a postdoc on both the sirtuin and the LRH-1 project.

16/08/2010 We welcome Amandine Signorino-Gelo to the team. Amadine will reinforce our technician team.

22/07/2010Nature publishes a News and Views by Riekelt Houtkooper and Johan Auwerx about a recent paper by the Spiegelman group on CDK5 mediated regulation of PPARgamma and the role of anti-diabetic drugs in this process.

22/07/2010 Interviews with Auwerx-team member Riekelt Houtkooper about the longevity essay in Cell on Swiss national TV (TSR; in French) and radio (WRS; in English).

09/07/2010Cell publishes an Auwerx-lab Leading Edge essay by Riekelt Houtkooper and others on how metabolic pathways impact longevity

01/07/2010 We welcome Eija Pirinen to the team. Eija will work as a postdoc on PGC-1 acetylation

07/06/2010Oncogene publishes an Auwerx-lab review by Ellen Jeninga and others on PGC-1 acetylation and its role in metabolic flexibility.

07/06/2010 We welcome Maaike Oosterveer to the Auwerx team. Maaike will work as a postdoc on the LRH-1 projects.

04/06/2010 Prof Auwerx’ talk at the Presidential Symposium of the Experimental Biology 2010 conference is now online.

19/05/2010 According to a report published in French leading newspaper Les Echos (in French), Auwerx-lab is amongst the top-ranked  fundamental biology labs in France. For details see also the report.

03/05/2010 A new Auwerx-lab review on TGR5 and GLP1 is published in Gastroentérologie Clinique et Biologique.

23/04/2010 Auwerx team interviewed for French national TV show “C dansl’air” on the role of mitochondria in aging and the potential of resveratrol as an anti-aging, pro-longevity drug. Interview starts around 2.30 min (in French).

03/03/2010Cell Metabolism publishes a paper by Carles Canto and others from the Auwerx-team on the interdependence of AMPK and SIRT1 for metabolic adaptations.

03/03/2010Hebdo (in French) publishes a short portrait of the Nestlé chair at EPFL, which is headed by prof. Johan Auwerx

09/12/2009Endocrine Reviews publishes an Auwerx-lab review on the diverse roles of NAD+ in metabolism.

04/12/2009 A new Auwerx-lab study, identifying PPARg2 as a longevity gene, is published in PLoS Genetics.

12/11/2009 The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry publishes an Auwerx-lab publication describing the identification of a new potent, selective TGR5 agonist.

31/10/2009 Auwerx-lab team member Pénélope Andreux was awarded the “Prix de la Fondation Romande pour la recherchesur la diabète” for her project “A phenogenomic approach to identify novel mitochondrial function determinants”.

15/10/2009 We welcome Pablo Fernandez-Marcos to the lab. Pablo will work as a postdoc on the sirtuin project.

06/10/2009 Prof. Auwerx is awarded the prestiguous7th Danone International Prize for Nutrition. The prize is awarded for his discoveries concerning the mechanisms by which certain foods “communicate” with our cells by issuing them with orders in similar fashion to hormones. See also several press releases about the award

01/10/2009 The Auwerx-lab welcomes Taoufiq Harach to the team. Taoufiq will work as a postdoc on the role of bile acids and gut flora on metabolism. 

11/09/2009 Jiujiu Yu and Johan Auwerx publish a review on sirtuins and metabolic homeostasis in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

01/09/2009 Cell Metabolism publishes the Auwerx-lab paper by Charles Thomas and others on the role of the bile acid sensor TGR5 in glucose homeostasis as the featured article of its most recent issue. The paper also receives a lot of attention in the lay press.

01/09/2009 The Auwerx team is reinforced once again: Ellen Jeninga, Thijs Pols, Evan Williams and Genevieve Rydlo join the team. Ellen will work on sirtuins, Thijs and Genevieve on TGR5 and Evan will focus on the genetic reference populations. Welcome to all!

10/08/2009 The Auwerx lab team publishes a paper in PLoS Genetics describing the identification of a critical genetic determinant of blood pressure in mouse and human, UBP1.

01/08/2009 We welcome Sabrina Bichet to the team, who will work as a technician.

30/06/2009 The lab welcomes Mitsonura Nomura to the team. Mitsonura will work as a PhD student on the TGR5 project.

11/06/2009 We welcome Raffaele Teperino to the team. Raffaele will work as a postdoc on the genetic reference population study.

03/04/2009 Carles Canto’s Nature paper is the featured paper of the week at the Signaling Gateway.

01/04/2009 Auwerx-lab welcomes Pénélope Andreux to the team. Pénélope will work as a PhD student on the genetic reference population study.

11/03/2009 Radio Suisse Romande interviews prof. Auwerx on the role of mitochondria in longevity and the prevention of age-related disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes (in french; the interview starts at 6.21 min).

05/03/2009 Nature publishes a paper by Auwerx-lab team member Carles Canto and others on the interplay between AMPK and SIRT1 and the potential role for NAD+ in this process.

05/03/2009 Article in l’Hebdo (french) on the discovery of SRT1720 as a potent activator of SIRT1 and a potential therapeutic compound for type 2 diabetes, a study by Jerome Feige (former Auwerx-lab) and others that was published November 2008 in Cell Metabolism

05/03/2009 The Auwerx-lab website is operational and will be regularly updated with the latest news