Check out our video demonstrating work done in AQUA lab!


Check out a video displaying one of our LiDAR sensors below.

Is there something faster than the speed of light? Scientists pointed a fast camera at a laser pulse and saw something unexpected! For more information, visit: Superluminal Motion-Assisted 4-Dimensional Light-in-Flight Imaging by Kazuhiro Morimoto, Ming-Lo Wu, Andrei Ardelean, Edoardo Charbon

Modern high-speed camera allows us to take 3D images with propagating flashlight! Here is how it works… For more information, visit: Megapixel time-gated SPAD image sensor for 2D and 3D imaging applications by Kazuhiro Morimoto, Andrei Ardelean, Ming-Lo Wu, Arin Can Ulku, Ivan Michel Antolovic, Claudio Bruschini, and Edoardo Charbon