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This group belongs to the School of Computer & Communications Sciences at EPFL. Formerly it was part of the Laboratory of Nonlinear Systems (LANOS) under the supervision of Professor Martin Hasler. Our main research fields are the measurements, modelling and characterization of high-Tc superconductors. This kind of materials can carry very large electrical currents with very low energy dissipation (compared to traditional copper or aluminum conductors) and they can be, therefore, used in new generation power systems for devices such as fault current limiters, electric cables, transformers, motors and generators. Among the main impediments to an immediate large scale industrial utilization of the high-Tc superconductor technologies are the AC losses occuring in the presence of alternating transport currents and/or magnetic fields.

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3rd International School on Numerical Modelling for Applied Superconductivity

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 Hands on school focus on applications, numerical modeling and multiphysicsSaas-Fee, SwitzerlandJune 6th-10th 2022This school aims at providing the students with the main concepts and methodologies for developing a numerical model of superconducting devices. The students will learn numerical modelling techniques for different physical aspects of superconducting applications. For this edition, the practical exercises of the (…)

Applied Superconductivity Group organized and hosted the Executive Committee Meeting of the International Energy Agency’s  Technology Collaborative Programme on Superconductivity (IEA HTS TCP) on 11 April 2019 at EPFL.IEA executive members from Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, Israel and USA presented and discussed country updates and ongoing projects in superconductivity.After the conclusion of the presentations the (…)

The European Union Fastgrid international project partners were hosted by the Applied Superconductivity Group at EPFL for two consecutive days of meetings for exchange of project updates and ideas.The meeting comprised presentations and discussions regarding the project progress and future agendas. Project partners from Canada, Israel, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Germany and France were in attendance.For (…)

The Applied Superconductivity Group along with the members of the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency’s Technology Collaborative Programme on Superconductivity (IEA HTS TCP) visit Nant De Grance a hydro-electric plant nearing completion nestled in the Swiss Mountains at Valais.The plant is capable of generating and storing 900 MW of power by pumping water between two (…)


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