3rd International School on Numerical Modelling for Applied Superconductivity


Hands on school focus on applications, numerical modeling and multiphysics

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

June 6th-10th 2022

This school aims at providing the students with the main concepts and methodologies for developing a numerical model of superconducting devices. The students will learn numerical modelling techniques for different physical aspects of superconducting applications. For this edition, the practical exercises of the School are tailored around one specific application of great interest for the community: a hybrid very high field superconducting magnet. It combines a Low Temperature Superconducting background magnet (outsert) and a High Temperature Superconducting magnet (insert). By the end of the school, the students will have acquired knowledge and modelling techniques relevant for both LTS and HTS applications, which will be readily applicable to a wide variety of problems.

  • Day 1 :
    • Introduction : From superconducting materials to their applications
    • The case of very high field superconducting magnet: design principles and modelling needs
  • Day 2 :
    • Numerical Approaches and their use for superconducting application modelling
    • Student presentations
  • Day 3 :
    • Stability and Quench of Low Temperature Superconducting (LTS) Magnet
      • with Computer practice
    • Protection of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Magnet against thermal runaway
      • with Computer practice
  • Day 4 :
    • AC Losses and Field Homogeneity in LTS magnets
      • with Computer practice
    • AC Losses and Field Homogeneity in HTS magnets (or Transient Electromagnetic behavior of HTS magnets)
      • with Computer practice
  • Day 5 :
    • Mechanics in Cryogenic environment
    • Mechanical behavior of HTS magnets: from cooling down to very high field
      • with Computer practice
    • School wrap-up

Detailed Programme

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