Internship in environment and organic waste management

Internship description

The project aims to reduce poverty, combat climate change and provide access to renewable energy. To this end, Envie d’agir proposes to assist the Togolese government in achieving several objectives, such as:

  • Involving secondary school students in the fight against climate change through training and awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Help other project leaders to use techniques that are less harmful to the environment.
  • Equip middle and high schools with the right materials and tools to preserve the environment.
  • Propose innovative projects to the government.

Other comments: The association is open to discussion on possible project proposals.

Qualifications and skills required

Engineering students in environment with, if possible, the following personal qualities: autonomy, creativity, organizational skills, dynamism, flexibility.

Duration of internship: 2 to 6 months
Location: Kpalimé – Togo
Accommodation: No. The association undertakes to help the intern to find an accommodation.
Catering: No. Members of the association will help the intern to find places to eat.

Sections concerned: SIE, Energy

Description of the organization

ENVIE D’AGIR is an apolitical, non-profit association that undertakes actions aimed at improving community development in Togo. It aims to improve the living conditions of the population, especially in rural areas. ENVIE D’AGIR welcomes students, recent graduates, professionals and unqualified individuals looking for a humanitarian mission or study placement. Interships last from 2 to 6 months.

ENVIE D’AGIR offers a unique experience: the intern or volunteer is given real responsibilities under the supervision of permanent members of the host organization. They are encouraged to work autonomously in project management. What’s more, the exotic setting of Togo encourages trainees to move away from a traditional, theoretical approach to their skills: they need to adapt to the field and understand its specificities.


Organization name : Envie d’agir
Contact person : Mister EKLOU-EKPE Komla Eyram
Email : [email protected] (in French preferably)
Organization website :