Green Building Intern

Description of the internship

We welcome architects, engineers, and other specialists to consult on various green building projects and share in the learning experience on campus. Days would be spent primarily with our green building team and volunteers to establish and execute projects. Projects may be on campus school buildings, housing, or other community builds including but not limited to water, sanitation, clean stoves, and retention walls. We are working with what we have here which may introduce new and exciting challenges for an intern with regards to planning and navigating rainy season as well as building with limited resources. Primary materials in our 18 building campus inclure old tires, ecobricks, reclaimed plastics and styrofoam, cob, bamboo, lime, and more.
We ask everyone on our project site to respect cultural norms, keep a safe working environment, and contribute positively to the volunteer house as a zero waste, off grid, shared accommodation site (should they choose that accommodation).

Required qualities and skills

Helpful skills to our project would be familiarity in developing renders and/or using autocad. We would love to have someone on site to contribute technical knowledge to the design and implementation of our building projects on campus and in the community. Admirable qualities include openness to new ideas and respect for all people and cultures and willingness to share knowledge. To operate on our site one would need at minimum either working English OR Spanish.

Duration of internship: 2 to 6 months 
Location: San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala
Accommodation provided: We can potentially provide housing based on availability
Meals provided: No

Other comments: We can help interns with coordinating and providing the best prices at our volunteer house on site, a private residence in town, or a local hotel.

Section(s) concerned: AR, GC, SIE, ENERGy

Description of the organization

Long Way Home has transformed more than 1,000 tons of rubbish into vital poverty-alleviating infrastructure – schools, homes, health clinics, water cisterns, and more. Over 100,000 used tires and tens of thousands of plastic bottles were removed from rivers and streets, spanning three continents. Our primary focus is our preK-11th grade school enriched with education for sustainable development The marvel that is the Hero School campus serves as the training grounds for people from all over the world to learn about the theory and practice of green building.

Name: Long Way Home
Contact person: Amanda Mallory
Mail of contact person: [email protected]
Organization’s website: