The head of seminars mission is to organise some events related to the education and professionnal orientation of the CGC section’s students. Thanks to seminars, iterviews, round-table talks, or companies/laboratories visits, students will be able to gain a more concrete overview of the many opportunities available to them with their future degree. The speakers – often alumni but sometimes also external people with rich and varied experiences – can indeed share a profession, company, reorientation or even personal project with the students in a framework conducive to discovery and discussion.

The role requires a certain communicational ease, good external relations, an ability to organize simple but exemplary events. The seminar manager is generally assisted by two or three volunteers a year.

A frequency of three events per semester is reasonably possible.

Actual committee : Alexandre Lauris
Email : [email protected]

Speakers recruitmentPer event10h
LogisticsPer event5h
CommunicationPer event2h
MeetingsAll year15h
Total15h + 17h per event
2022-2023Younes Rhouta
2021-2022Léa Zupan
2020-2021Simon Dumolard
2019-2020Benjamin Rousseau