Book sale

The AdEC book sale is open the whole year !

We put you in touch with other students who want to buy or sell books. Everyone can sell their books here but please limit the books to those relevant for CGC studies.

The list of books for sale will be erased once a year.

If you want to sell one/multiple book(s), you just need to fill in this form with the required information. You have to fill the form once per book you want to sell. Your ad will then appear in a table and other students will then be able to contact you.

Once you sold your book (or if you want to remove your ad), please send an E-mail to [email protected] with subject “[LIVRE]- Name of the book”, to indicate which ad we should remove.

Please be honest with the conditions of your book. Regarding the price, you are free to choose it. However, don’t forget that second hands books are worth less than new ones, even if it is in a very good condition.

You can find here all the books currently available. If you are interested in buying a book, you can directly contact the person via the E-mail address in the table. You need to be connected with your EPFL account to see the list.