cooking around a book launch and a round table

Thursday 19 May 2022
18:30 Collective cooking with products from the Bassenges Farm and the cooperative grocery store Le Jardin Vivant. In collaboration with Estefania Mompean Botias and Marie Walliser 
19:30 Presentation of the book Food Urbanism by Craig Verzone
19:45 Roundtable with Johanna Herrigel, Valerie Hofmeyer, Yves Lachavanne, Marine Villaret and Cristina Woods. Moderated by Gianna Ledermann
Place Ada Lovelace, EPFL 

This event focuses on urban spaces as productive places through the reintroduction of food production and the encouragement of short circuits. The discussion focuses on a nourishing urbanism combining the approaches of urbanism and agriculture. 

In Switzerland, the legal distinction between building zones and agricultural zones is extremely strict. As a result, the urban environment is mostly characterized by non-professional agricultural initiatives, while the rural environment with its highly regulated soil is exclusively worked by professionals. The observation of the division of roles and cultivated spaces also implies asking the question of the “city/landscape” dichotomy and invites us to turn towards alternative practices, in which food and its production play a central role. 

Based on the presentation of the book Food Urbanism by Craig Verzone and Cristina Woods, participants will be invited to share their experiences and expertise on urban agriculture in a Round Table. While the book presents typologies, strategies and case studies of urban agriculture planning, the roundtable aims to open up different perspectives and practices from several disciplines. 

Throughout the discussions, we invite you to prepare and taste local products.

The guests of the Round Table:

– Johanna Herrigel, Technikum Urbane Agrarökologie Zurich, WIDE 
– Valérie Hofmeyer, landscape architect 
– Yves Lachavanne, SPADOM – city of Lausanne 
– Marine Villaret, architect-urbanist, metropolitan agriculture, EPFL LAB-U 
– Cristina Woods, architect, co-author, Verzone Woods Architects 

For the culinary part of the event we collaborate with the Bassenges Farm located at EPFL; with Estefania Mompean Botias, member of the cooperative supermarket Le Jardin Vivant in Lausanne and with Marie Walliser who has just written her theoretical statement in Architecture as a critical review of the kitchen

The event is organized by Gianna Ledermann (LDM EPFL) in collaboration with Verzone Woods Architects and Birkhäuser Verlag.