Monday 9 May 2022
12:30 Presentation by ANNEXE Team, introduction by Marie Walliser
13:30 Collective cooking with unsold food from Castor Freegan
Place Ada Lovelace, EPFL 

This event is part of the “Cuisine and Architecture” program linked to the exhibition Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low, Actions from Matrix Feminist Design Cooperative which proposes a series of activities around the kitchenette and reconstructed furniture of Berta Rahm’s pavilion by Elena Chiavi, Kathrin Füglister, Amy Perkins and Myriam Uzor in the framework of the project ANNEXE.

ANNEXE is intended to be a project at the intersection of architecture, mediation, feminism and performance. An annex is an addition, something more. An addition, with the possibility of combining, making connections, providing additional space; it complements the main subject. Usually, an appendix cannot exist for itself, constructed a posteriori, it adapts or reacts to what is set. 

ANNEXE is a powerful way to tie in with existing places and provide additional space. In doing so, it questions fully current themes; equality and inclusiveness in today’s society and construction world.

An event organised with Marie Walliser.

ANNEXE is a reinterpretation and reproduction of the characteristic interior elements of Berta Rahm’s former annex pavilion. The interior featured four objects designed specifically for the building: a generous kitchen integrated into the dining room, two long tables placed on raised platforms on either side of the reading room and break room, and finally an L-shaped table with a bookcase, which made the transition between the open space of the dining room and the quiet, introverted area of the building. Without a façade, these four furniture objects – the kitchenette, the two tables and the ‘L’ shaped table-bookstore element – confront the public space.

Member’s biographies

Elena Chiavi studied architecture at Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne, graduating in 2016. She was working as a teaching assistant at Tom Emerson’s Chair for Architecture and Design at the ETHZ for two years and she managed the communication of the exhibition space Archizoom at EPFL. She has been working as an assistant for ALICE, EPFL between october 2016 and august 2019, taking part of three major pedagogical construction projects in Zürich, Bruxelles and Evian. As an architect, she continously explores through various small scale projects and workshops, the power of ephemeral architecture as a tool to transform and question common grounds. 

Kathrin Füglister, architect based in Zurich (MSc ETHZ). After graduating in 2018, she was a teaching assistant of ETHZ guest lecturer Cecilia Puga. In parallel she was planning and leading several formats of playful-experimental workshops like Störwerkstatt (Flawil, 2019) and Casting the Cornice (Dangio-Torre, 2019, with gta). Where the appropriation of knowledge in a craft and of space in a collective was an actively designed and merged process. She developed several‚ Kunst und Bau’ competition projects together with artist like Andrea Büttner (Neon Parallax 2020 Geneva), Ilona Ruegg (Werkhof Zürich 2019 / Neubauperimeter der Bäder Baden 2020) and others. After working at E.&M. Boesch Architekten in Zurich she is currently commisioned with several private refurbishment projects. Kathrin is co-founder of Störwerkstatt, siebaut, pomonopomo and ProSaffa1958-Pavillon.

Amy Perkins studied architecture at Cambridge University and London Metropolitan University, graduating in 2013. A founding member of Assemble Studio in 2010, she has worked on the Cineroleum and Folly for a Flyover self-build projects. She worked for Caruso St John in London for a total of six years working on a range of projects. She taught undergraduate unit 2 at Cambridge University Department of Architecture from 2016-2017 with Rod Heyes and joined Tom Emerson’s Chair for Architecture and Design at the ETH as teaching assistant in 2018. Amy has been on the editorial board of Cartha Magazine since 2019, a curated online publishing platform for the sharing of different forms of critical thinking regarding architecture. In 2020 she was also a research assistant for the Laboratoire Bâle at the EPFL in Lausanne, writing and editing the publication “Manor Lessons: Commons Revisited”. She was elected in 2020 to the Parity and Diversity Commission of the Department of Architecture at the ETHZ in 2020.

Myriam Uzor is an architect (Msc ETH) and research assistant at ETH Zurich. She has been working at the Chair of Landscape Architecture (Prof. Christophe Girot) since 2018, where she currently teaches the course “Choreografien der Landschaft”. Next to her academic work, she works on architectural projects. She pursues her interest in the performing arts and has worked on several performance theater and dance projects. Since 2019 she has been copresident of the pomonopomo association, where a culture of criticism and feedback is maintained in regular salons in the areas of architecture, art and mediation. As a member of the board of the proSAFFA1958 association, she is involved in the process within the short and long term reconstruction project of the SAFFA Pavillon of Swiss architect Berta Rahm. Myriam Uzor is co-author and editor of the book publications “Lost in Paradise – A Journey Through the Persian Landscape” and “Exklusiv Europabrücke – On detours through Zurich Altstetten” (gta Verlag).