Anne Chavepayre

Superonda Talk

Architecture et Environnement


Tuesday 4th May 2021, 6.30pm

Online conference



Anna Chavepayre (FR)



French-Swedish architect and co-founder of the architecture and landscape office Collectif Encore, Anna develops an architecture that asserts space as a priority condition for freedom of use and diversity, as well as evolutivity and innovation “because it is there that air, light and encounters are found”.

Anna designs projects that do not create a boundary between architecture and landscape. The projects take into account all the actors (including earthworms), the richness and multi-formity they imply and the value of everything that exists before them. In an age where only the simplified and binary becomes visible, she values complexity, interactions and social links, transformations and modularity.

A fervent advocate of a reinvented rurality, Anna was awarded the 2018 Kasper Salin Prize, Sweden’s most prestigious architectural award from the Swedish Order of Architects.

Illustration Gaëtan Amossé