Green Academy Workshop – Sustainable wet lab research

The School of Life Sciences and SV Sustainability are pleased to invite you to the first Green Academy workshop!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 – 12:15 to 17:15 in CO 124

We are happy to welcome Jeroen Dobbelaere from the Max Perutz Labs at the University of Vienna!

Jeroen has been conducting research in microbiology for the past twenty years. He is currently studying cell division and cell-cell communication.

Jeroen’s work in a biology lab also made him aware of the impact of his research on the environment. For the past three years, Jeroen has been heading the sustainability team at the Max Perutz Labs to evaluate its environmental impact by acquiring data and analysing behaviour. The team’s goal is to make research more sustainable and fit for the future.

The workshop will be divided into three parts:

  • Climate café (including lunch!) 12:15 – 14:00
    This course aims to provide researchers with the basic understanding of the impact of their research on the environment and to provide tools to analyze their footprint and behavior.
  • Waste workshop 14:15 – 15:30
    By explaining the different plastics and how they can be avoided, reused or recycled, participants will explore how a more sustainable use of plastic can be achieved.
  • Energy and CO2 footprint workshop 15:45 – 17:00
    During this workshop, participants will explore the major sources of CO2 emissions in the lab, with a focus on energy use in equipment and ventilation, as well as how to take action to mitigate these impacts.