Study plan

You must complete 31 ECTS (minimum) of core courses and complete 30 ECTS of options that could be chosen among the options list proposed by our section. You can focus your education on one or more of the areas offered by the Neuro-X, covering the following fields (Technology, Data Science, Machine learning, Scientific thinking). You also have the opportunity to enlarge your knowledge in other domains by choosing a minor of 30 ECTS in a range of trans-disciplinary fields (Management of Technologies, Biotechnologies, Biomedical Technologies…), complementary disciplines (Data Science, …), or other domains.

The engineering industrial internship amounts to 8 ECTS and can be done any time between the end of the bachelor cycle and the beginning of the master project (see details in internship page).

It is not possible to validate more than 38 credits in industry (max. master project in industry + mandatory internship of 8 credits). Validation of more than 8 credits in industry during the master’s cycle implies that the master’s project must be carried out in an academic environment.

For the students who started in 2022 please refer to the 2022-2023 study plan.