Scientific, industry, clinical project

Students are required to realize an engineering project integrating several aspects of Neuro-X. This project will allow them to apply their technical and transversal skills acquired during their studies to resolve a practical problem.

This project could be carried out in a lab as Neuro-X project I, or in collaboration with an industrial (a company) or a clinical partner (a hospital) upon the lab supervision.

Procedure for students

  • Visit the websites of the different laboratories listed here to find proposed projects, or from other labs related to Neuro-X field.
  • Discuss your project with the professor and the assistant in charge of the project.
  • Complete and sign the Scientific, industry, clinical project form, and get it signed by your academic supervisor.
  • Send the form to SNX
  • Register your project in IS-Academia.
  • Submit The written report to the laboratory at the end before the following deadlines:
    • Fall semester: no later than the Friday of the second week after the end of classes. (Calendar)
    • Spring semester: no later than the Friday of the first week after the end of classes. (Calendar)