Visit the experimental halls

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The goal for community outreach at the GIS is to provide the opportunity for anyone to visit our large-scale testing facilities and to illustrate how these are used to address societal challenges such as the high seismic risk associated to existing structures or the strengthening of existing infrastructures in order to increase their service life.

Outreach activities are offered on special occasions (for example, open days, information days for high school student, “Journée des métiers” etc.) and sometimes organized in collaboration with the Science Outreach Department of EPFL. Groups from public institutions have the possibility to visit the laboratory at any time during the year.

For more information, please contact Dr. Olivier Burdet.

Previous visits

School visit 2021 (EPFL Science Outreach Department)

“Journée des gymnasiens” 2018

This is an example of a demonstration presented to students during these visits. This video demonstrates the earthquake shaking of model structures designed with the educational kit MOLA. The video was taken during the Summer School du Gymnase de Köniz 2018 at EPFL that was co-organized by RESSLab

“Visit My Lab” day