IBM-EPFL Workshop on Quantum Algorithms

Bernoulli Center at EPFL, Lausanne, 17-18 November 2022

The progress towards a useful advantage of quantum computers relies heavily on the research and development of advanced quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, and quantum error mitigation schemes. Switzerland, with its leading academic research institutions and IBM Research Europe, is a key player in this development.

The EPFL-IBM workshop on quantum algorithms aims at promoting scientific exchanges, building an excellent Swiss network, and enhancing Switzerland’s leading role in this thriving research field. 

The workshop will take place 17-18 November 2022 and will be co-hosted by the EPFL Center for Quantum Science and Engineering and the Bernoulli Center.

About the organizers

The EPFL Center of Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE) operates as a hub for establishing and promoting programs for cross-disciplinary research, education and innovation in the fields of quantum science and engineering.

The Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies at EPFL’s mission is to promote fundamental research in a collaborative environment.

IBM Research Europe is part of IBM’s global research locations. IBM has maintained research laboratories in Europe since opening its first lab in 1956 in Zurich, Switzerland.