Past student projects

concurrent engineering project
semester project
master project

  • Flavia Ferrandiz Cuesta, Gabriel Givry, Aya Jroundi, Julien Mamin: From Bats to Sails
  • Blandine Cohen, Armand Farabolini, Florentin Julien: Meeting between sails and bats
  • Marion Clergeot: Effect of Aspect Ratio on Finite-Wing Dynamic Stall
  • Théo Ondoua: Experimental study of fluid-structure interactions using a soap film channel
  • Vincenzo Scurria: Analysis of the flow around a vertical axis wind turbine using WaterLily
  • Matthew Ferguson: Development of instrumentation for measurement of flow-induced surface temperature variations
  • Louise Cayroche
  • Marta Dias De Jesus, Thomas Roulet: Camera-based position and orientation measurements on experimental setups
  • Louise Cayroche: Bio-inspired fluid structure interaction of flexible disks
  • Filippo Brignolo: Data-driven extraction of characteristic non-dimensional numbers in massively separated flows
  • Sylvan Menet: Modal analysis of dynamic stall
  • Romain Gauthier: Analysis of flow characteristics around cones and shells with flexible disk geometry
  • Hugo Noel: Experimental considerations before starting TSP measurements:applications, components, and heating system
  • Mathilde Lemoine: Aeroelasticity of nested flags
  • Kaoane Jondeau: Comparison of the shape of flexible flappers from experimental and numerical experiments
  • Sylvain Lauber: Cluster-based feedback control of a pitching airfoil
  • Mathieu Lefort: Effect of porosity on the formation of drag vortices
  • Laurent Zheng: Spanwise development of dynamic stall
  • Erwin Enter: Using transmission photoelasticity for bio-inspired applications
  • Gustav Gelfort: Camera-based experimental alignment tool
  • Blandine Puyo: Fluid structure interaction of heaving slender beams in water
  • Elyes Zribi: Data-driven prediction of dynamic stall
  • Emile Pecquet, Gautier de Montmarin, Victor Legendre, Alexandre Giacomini: Unfolding the secrets of godille art III: flow visualisation
  • Yasmine El Goumi, Benjamin Quilichini, Anthony Pipier, Antoine Simon, Matheus Kanbour: Unfolding the secrets of godille art IV: motor and sensors
  • Henri Durliat: Clustering analysis of the induced aerodynamic loading of vortices generated by flapping wings 
  • Paul Germann: Passive disturbance grid for open jet wind tunnel
  • Adrien Leplingard: Design and construction of a soap film channel for flow visualisation
  • Florence Puygrenier: Experimental investigation of the formation of vortex rings through complex nozzle exit shapes
  • Alvaro Ramos Perez: Design of an experimental set-up for the close-up analysis of the shear layer development on a rotating plate
  • Nour Roumani: Development of a photo-elastic deformation method for measuring fluid-structure interaction
  • David Bensason: Experimental characterization of the aerodynamic loading and vortex behavior for a NACA0018 airfoil undergoing VAWT motion
  • Antoine Clout: Data-driven modelling of dynamic stall
  • Nino Di Pasquale: Experimental analysis of stall development on a simplified tidal turbine blade model
  • Alban Dupire: Pitching moment evolution during dynamic stall reattachment
  • Christoph Busch: Fourier series based kinematic function for flapping wing optimisation
  • Lucas Schneeberger: Modelling of dynamic stall
  • Martino Michele Corti: Influence of Reynolds number on dynamic stall of a pitching airfoil
  • Sameer Delaporte: Aerodynamic performances of flexible flapping wings
  • Nino Di Pasquale: Influence of an active trailing-edge flap on dynamic stall hysteresis
  • Abraham Gertler: Mode pair oscillator analysis of dynamic stall wake via proper orthogonal decomposition
  • Diego Hachez: Pathline analysis for vortex ring visualisation
  • Daniil Morzhakov: Design and construction of a bi-stable flapping wing
  • Alexandre Cadillon, Hubert Fresel, Christian Huang: Unfolding the secrets of godille art II  
  • Charles de Sarnez: Vortex detection for dynamic stall study 
  • Esra Uksul: The aerodynamic performance of wings with passively deformable structures
  • Alban Dupire: Calibration and application of strain gauges for measuring unsteady aerodynamic loads
  • Jean-Javid Nobari: Airfoil design using XFOIL for educational and research applications
  • Alexander Gehrke: Optimising the kinematics of a pitching panel in forward motion with a genetic algorithm
  • Yanni Aït-Mansour, Soheyl Massoudi, Tristan Rey, Arthur Roullier: Spherical gear based flapping wing device
  • Nikolai Skaare: Dynamic stall reattachment
  • Boris Huljak: Control and visualisation of a flapping wing in hover
  • Laura Ferrer: Flow visualisation using an open source syringe pump
  • Lu Ding: Comparison of dynamic stall models for harmonically pitching airfoils
  • Adriana Basbous Moukarzel: Comparing unsteady force models for a flapping wing in hover
  • Lukas Tiller: Adaptive wall for a water tunnel 
  • Quentin Waechter: Noise reduction in unmanned aerial systems
  • Mathieu Lempen: Exploring the potential of using hydrogel for refractive index-matched measurements around aerodynamic objects
  • Jean Monet: A review of inline motion in forward flight of insects