BIOENG-449 Tissue Engineering (Master Spring semesters)

Lecturers: Li Tang, Matthias Lutolf

BIOENG-399 Immunoengineering
(BA Spring semesters)

Lecturer: Li Tang

Semester: Spring/BA6
Credits: 4
Lecture: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks
Exercises: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks

Immunoengineering is an emerging and quickly growing field where engineering principles are grounded in immunology. This optional course provides students a broad overview of how engineering approaches can be utilized to study immunology, modulate immune response, and develop novel immunotherapies. Practical applications in the context of developing novel treatment for cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmunity will be covered. Notable case studies will be presented with the focus on immune drug discovery and development. The purpose of this course is to enable students to be on the cutting edge of immunoengineering for future positions in academia or industry.

BIO-467 Scientific literature analysis in Bioengineering 
(Master Fall semesters)

Semester: Fall/MA1, MA3
Credits: 5
Lecture: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks
Exercises: 3 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks


Students are given the means to dig effectively into modern scientific literature in the multidisciplinary field of bioengineering. The method relies on granting sufficient time to become familiar with the background and hypotheses, on effective support during the analysis and on oral assessment.

BIO-479 Immunology 
(Master Fall semesters)

Guest Lecturer for ” Immunoengineering”

BIOENG-442 Biomaterials 
(Master Spring semesters)
Guest Lecturer for “Introduction to Immunology” and “Biomaterials for

MSE-471 Biomaterials (pour MX) 
(Master Fall semesters)
Guest Lecturer for “Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications”, 2016
Guest Lecturer for “Biomaterials for Immunoengineering”, 2017